Cancer Man in Bed {An Ultimate Guide to Perfect Sex}

Sometimes people need encouragement to go ahead and conquer the most outstanding things in the world.

Cancer man is no different. Reluctant in nature, he tees off after receiving an iota of encouragement. Love comes naturally to him.

When it comes to sex with Cancer man, he wants to discuss it before taking the initiative. He would always be worried if the woman is ready for the sex. Once you are ready for it, make it crystal clear to him.


Moreover, words spoken to Cancer man with the help of metaphors and similes are bound to create confusion. He understands simple straightforward language.

Having said that, it is also important to note that Cancer man is found of delivering lectures to his partner. Unhesitant, he would talk about love, sex and many more things.

Now even if you know all that and don’t want to listen, it won’t work out.

Let him speak. Interruption annoys him. When interrupted and snubbed in the conversation, Cancer man goes into the shell and never lets his true self out. And obviously, you won’t want a communication barrier to hamper the progress of your relationship.

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In the build-up to the sex with the Cancer man, one must try his best to not use vulgar talk and harsh language.

It annoys him. To him, the perfect person is devoid of such trash talk. Trash talk often leads to misperception and leads to a bad impression.

Once in the action, Cancer man prefers foreplay. He knows how to satisfy a woman in the bed. In contrast to other people, Cancer men look to gratify the partner and thus receives pleasure while doing so.

Cancer man in bed mostly prefers bed for sex but is ready to try other places too. The change in the environment brings energy to him. It feels exciting to him. New places bring new challenges and he is ready to accept those challenges.

Cancer man loves woman breasts. Most of the time during the sex, he would position himself so that breasts remain visible to him. He will press them, fondle them, and will gain pleasure.


Every now and then, he will change positions. However, he will stick longer to the position that brings the most out of him. The frequent position changes also help him to get an idea of his partner whims and favourite positions. And certainly, this helps in a long-lasting sexual relationship.

With all these positives about the Cancer man in bed, there is a drawback associated with the personality of Cancer man. Cancer man never lasts long in the sex. With his natural tendency to perform action swiftly he often leaves the woman wondering in the bed.

Pro tip: Educate Cancer man to prolong his ejaculation in the bed. Even if this still happens to try to use medicine to extend the timing of the sex.

However, the quality of sex is something that will always be up to the mark.  And after all, sex is all about quality and not quantity. Isn’t it so?

Cancer man in bed

Cancer men in bed

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