Guide to get a girlfriend in high School or College in 10 days

There is a dirty secret about get a girlfriend in high school campaign….

…and when you know what it is, and how it works, you’ll say:

‘’Why the hack didn’t I think this before?’’

But here’s the deal:

The hardest part in ”get a girlfriend in high school” campaign is figuring out how to approach girls—actually, specific girls—who could potentially become your girlfriend.

And even harder:

How to impress her without being CREEPY AND CHEAP?

Fortunately though, this is not as hard as it might sound.


Because there are hundred — if not thousands— of girls in the high school that are in SEARCH of boyfriend.

That surely indicates that you need to hunt down the girls with a positive state of mind, thinking and understanding that it is WORTH an effort.

Sounds cool, right?

So let dive deep into our four step ‘’get a girlfriend in high school’’ mission…

Let’s name this mission as ‘’Hunt down Mission’’—Yeah, just to sound confident.

how to get a girlfriend in high school or college

There are four steps to this MISSION. All steps are interconnected to one another as the success of one step will lead to the success of other in the MISSION.

Step 1: Leave the Mark

how to get a girlfriend in high school or college


Believe it or not, when you enter the high school, you are followed by eyeballs weighing your personality. Most of these eyeballs will have girls behind them. Arguably, this is also the most important step in your ‘get a girlfriend in high school’ campaign.

Here is the deal:

First and foremost, you are needed to take care of your personality.

  • Be neat and clean
  • Dress well
  • Do some Social Networking
  • Engage in social activities

By following Step 1, you will STAND out among the herd of Students.

Keep in mind that at this point of time you are investing in your personality. And this investment is bound to pay you off in time to come.

We have Step 2 to build on the fruits of 1st step…

Step 2: Breaking Ground

how to get a girlfriend in high school or college

Now that you have built a positive image for yourself, you are all set to reap the reward for your hard work.

It’s time to approach the girl you have crush upon, and gingerly ask her for PHONE number. Having known you because of your social exposure, she would be absolutely glad to give you her number.

However, make sure that you have carved up an adequate reason for asking her number.

For example:

‘’Hey, Alina! We are planning for a picnic this weekend, so if you could pass me your number. I WILL INFORM you about that’’


‘’ We are going to arrange a group study session this week and need your number….’’

See, how simple is that. You are neither creepy nor insistent about getting her number rather you are getting her number to ‘help her’.

Let me tell you what most of the other guys do to get the number of a girl.

They steal it one way or the other. They ask friends or use different resources to get her number.

In some CASES, this may work fine, but most girls will consider such approach as CREEPY AND CHEAP…yeah you heard right.

What next?

Now that you have the number, it’s time to take the CONTROL.

Text her the following day and talk about something that is planned by the class or you think should be planned or ask her about her family.

Pro tip: Girls usually want to talk about their family.

Be nice and listen to her opinion. Your main goal should be to let her express herself. Once you realize that you have nothing more to talk, say her goodbye.

Follow the same practice for couple of days. This will make her feel comfortable around you.

Now that you have built a sense of intimacy with her, start flirting with her.

For example:

‘’ Alina! You have such a gorgeous smile. My goodness!’’

‘’ Annie! Wow, you looked so good that day at party’’

Ask her for a cup of coffee and keep on throwing the signals that you are interested in having a relationship with her.

If you won’t, she will friend zone you. That’s why it is important to make her realise that you are interested in a relationship.

 Step 3# Spend time with her

how to get a girlfriend in high school or college

You have successfully broken the shatters, it is now time to make arrangements to spend more time with her.

For that to happen, you need to create an activity.

For Example:

‘’ Suggest her that you want to study with her after classes’’

‘’Ask her to explain something you are unable to understand from lecture’’

‘’ Plan to visit library with her someday’’

Once you have get her to spend quality time with you, you are pretty close to achieving your target of getting a girlfriend in high School.

Now that you have spent time with her and she has known you for a while, it is time to take an important step:

Ask her for a DATE.

If she accepts, you have accomplished your mission, but if she doesn’t, ask her to accompany you for a cup of tea in school Canteen.

Make sure that you have couple of restaurant dates or Canteen dates in your bag before taking the final step.

  Step 4: Express your love

how to get a girlfriend in high school or college

And lastly, the time is ripe to express your love in explicit terms.

Here is how to start:

‘‘Alina, I wanted to discuss something with you today’’

She answers…

‘’ Alina, I am in love with you. I’ve thought over it again and again but I couldn’t resist the temptation to propose you. You are so beautiful Alina…..

Once you send this to her, wait for her response!

She will surely come up with an answer.

If it is YES, you are set to have a girlfriend in high School.

And if it is not (very minute chance), get on with it. Don’t let yourself be friend zoned by her in this case.

Politely tell her that you are not comfortable in ‘friend zone’. Move away and enjoy the life you have.

With HUNT DOWN MISSION, the chances of success are more than 90%. Cheers!

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