How to Impress A Girl Fast( The Madman Technique)

Here is a brutal truth about impress a girl Campaign…

There are WAY too many people in online world that think dressing properly and talking enthusiastically will get them to impress a girl.

They say ‘’ If you dress well and sound humorous, girls will naturally attract towards you…’’.

If only it were that easy…

If you’re serious about your mission to impress a girl, you will have to be very systematic about how you going to convey your personality to a girl.

Otherwise you’re taking the ‘doomed spag approach: throwing up an amalgam of tricks against the wall and hoping something really sticks.

Well today I’m going to show a method that almost guarantees you get to impress the girl you want and get the desired results from your effort.

Keep reading to learn how…

With ‘’ The Madman Technique’’, the potential to impress a girl is unlimited.

impress a girl

This tried and tested technique has helped many strugglers to gain confidence and achieve their aim to impress the girl of their dreams. Even on personal grounds, I was able to win over the girl I loved all my life following Madman technique.

The best part?

You can achieve exactly the same results…even if you don’t have an impressive confidence level and experience of pulling such things off. 

 The 3-Steps to Using ‘’The Madman Technique’’ To Impress A Girl  

There are 3 steps to The Madman Technique.

Step 1: Fake the Power

Step 2: Use the Power of Sincere Compliments

Step 3: Make her want you

                     Step #1: Fake the Power

Faking the power is foundation to any successful ‘Impress a girl’ campaign.

‘Fake’ is not the word that people associate with positive meaning but in this special case it is super positive.


Let me explain it with a bit of background…

We initiated a study by asking 100 university Students (Male) a simple question:

Do you think you are good enough to impress a girl?

These were the results:

See that!

The truth is that most of the people are just not confident about themselves.

So what should you be doing then?

Fake it until you make it.

Think and visualise that you are powerful. When you meet her, don’t shy away from the challenge of looking into her eyes.

Feel the power and it will transpire into your actions. Once you do that it will be hard for her to ignore you. REALLY HARD!

Remember this:

Girls idealise towering men, the ones they think are out of the world.

But sadly all evidence suggest that you are from this planet. But who cares?

 ‘Fake to be Out of the World’

Now it’s time for Step 2….

Step #2: Use the Power of Sincere Compliment 

impress a girl

Now that you have successfully cleared the first hurdle, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Here’s how you can take existing relationship to the next level:

Find out something you really LIKE about her

There is absolutely no need to flatter her. Observe to find out her X-FACTOR. It could be anything from her beautiful eyes to astonishing physic or melodious voice.

Remember. Best compliments are those that ask for nothing in response.

Explain your Compliment

Explain why her smile is beautiful, pretty.

For example

“I like the color of your lipstick. It accentuates your vibrant smile.”

 “I love your laugh. It gives off such positive energy!”

 “You seem to be very confident in who you are.”

Such detailed compliments send positive vibes across and lures girls into thinking that you are paying attention.

                    Step #3: Make her want you

Once you have applied the above steps, the chances are that you have made a pretty sound case for yourself in front of her.

Now it is time for a Killer blow. The blow that will seal the fate for you and will surely impress the girl of your dreams.

Get some space away from her.


  • Stop being freely available.
  • Reduce the duration of text chats and calls.
  • Tell her that you are fixing priorities in your life.

Continue to behave according to the plan for couple of weeks. With such attitude, there is a chance that she will be irritated, but at the same time, she she will adore the fact that you are concerned about your future too.

It will convey her that you are not like every tom, dick and harry who will CHASE her like a creepy creature.

Next, when you open up to her again, she will definitely feel lot more respect and vibe for you than before.

Following this Simple Madman Technique, you are bound to impress the girl and that too with minimal of effort.

So, it is time to implement the technique guys. Do share your experience once you apply the madman technique.

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