Scorpio Man in Bed {An Ultimate Guide to Perfect Sex}

Scorpio man is a lustful creature. It won’t accept that but the matter of the fact is that they are erotic souls who possess a sound sense of sexual intimacy.

They love reading about sex. From magazines to pamphlet, everything that contains information about sex, they absolutely love it.

scorpio man in bed

Fantasy driven, Scorpio man in bed is bound to expect ‘more’ from a woman. They are not the one who is prone to shyness and nervousness when it comes to sex. They are open, playful and unperturbed. They know that barriers are not for them. Trusting their instinct, they go for the kill and try to achieve their goals in the life.

It doesn’t take much for Scorpion man to warm up in the bed.

Kiss, undress and here you go…

Unfazed by the technique, Scorpio man in bed applies his efforts to make the process enjoyable and pleasurable. He is aggressive in his approach. He wants to command and dominate in the bed.

He is not someone who will go down well with belligerent partners. Even if the partner is aggressive by nature she will have to calm down to make the things enjoyable.

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 He wants to dominate but not be dominated. He can’t change. Change in behaviour will inevitably hurt the prospects of relationship.

He is not normal being. His aggressive nature encourages him to cross all the boundaries. He extends his dominance by applying brute force, and in the process, is guilty of causing pain. To him, pain is the sign of intimacy, the real connection between the two souls.


He feels that woman wants to be sexually battered by the man. He never expects less than this. He is a monster in the bed. Partner needs the skill to counter the aggression.

Sex without intensity is not for him. He loves the intensity and heat of the moment and if it goes missing Scorpion man feels betrayed.

Scorpio man in bed

Scorpio man never likes to talk about sex. He won’t want to be lectured about the process. Scorpio man believes that sex is a passion that happens in the heat of the motion, and talk before the sex kills the heat and intensity that is needed for a good sex.

Scorpio man wants surprises in sex. He wants to experience with positions every new day. To him, sex is a process of exploration and innovation.

Scorpio man is obedient. He knows that sex and love are inter-related. Once committed to a partner he prefers to stay loyal when the circumstance is bleak.

Does he last enough?

It depends. At times, a woman can’t bear the ferocity of the sex and gives up too early. But if she is able to get in term with the partner, the sexual encounter can be extended over to a considerable duration.

Scorpio man in bed

Scorpio man in bed



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