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If there is a species of man that is persistent and patient about his goals, it is the Taurus man. He is neither a stormy lover nor a flamboyant decision maker, but the one who will take time to decide.

But when we say he decides…

It really means that he decides. The Taurus man would never give up once he makes up his mind. His passion won’t let him decide swiftly but once decided, he is the one who will make sure that he achieves his targets. The more he is tested, the sterner he comes out to be.

The ‘command’ is what he likes. Making requests weighs him, persuasion annoys him. He knows his liabilities and goes with his strength.  He is aware of what he is. He would venture across realms of unprecedented nature. If you are straightforward, Taurus man is the right guy for you. 

However, if you know only to beat around the bush, consider moving on. Don’t waste your time expecting Taurus man to understand your vivid signals. Taurus man is expressive, he is lustful, manipulative and authoritative…

But he is not a coward. When situation will arise, he will be the one to take the initiative and decide the fate of the challenge.

Taurus Man in Love

Here is a scathing truth about the Taurus Man in Love…

It is a hard gig to love a Taurus man. He is moody and manipulative. Once he feels that someone is in love with him, he tries to make take the upper hand in the relationship.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to take a note of his emotions and respond accordingly. The volatility of mood sometimes proves detrimental to the health of the relationship, so it’s better to access it quickly and then respond accordingly.

Taurus man and emotions are directly proportional to each other. Taurus man will fight for a cause no one else will. Taurus man will is ready to fight for anything that is close to his heart. Taurus man won’t tolerate infringement into his personal life by anyone, be it his closest allies.

Tips to Make Taurus Man Manipulative nature in Check

  1. Never let him feel that you won’t be able to live without him.
  2. Never express your weaknesses around him. Taurus Man loves strong people.
  3. Don’t let Taurus man dictate terms in a relationship.


Taurus Man in Bed

Let me tell you a thing about Sex…

Most of the people have sex to release tension or they want to prove their manhood. Most of the times the reason is something deeply associated with only themselves.

But for Taurus man…

Sex is everything in their life. They enjoy ‘Sex for the sake of Sex’. No desire to prove themselves or their manhood but only to enjoy for the sake of it.

Taurus man never leaves you unsatisfied. With little persuasion and encouragement, he gets into the thick and thin. If you are planning to have sex with Taurus man….

You are bound to be thrilled.

Taurus man is not hesitant to lose his virginity at the earlier stages of the life. From the teenage, he dreams of sex.

And believe it or not, Taurus man loses his virginity within years of puberty.


The Taurus man is an ideal lover in many ways. He is sensitive and understands the feelings of his partner. He also is a self-starter who needs little to no encouragement or persuasion.

When it comes to sex, the process is so simply spontaneous for him. While he takes it slowly, his ability to amp it up every second is exceptionally good. Add his super imagination to that and you are in for a superb sex. Moreover, he learns quickly and develops skills within no time.

Stamina and Taurus man are synonymous with each other. With his ability to take the process slowly, he is able to make sex charming and lasting.

And who hates sex when it could last for good half an hour…

Taurus man hates discomfort during sex. His greatest energies could only be utilized properly if the bed and surrounding environment are near perfect. Consider using fur blanket. And yeah, a bit of serene music would help immensely too.

And for heaven’s sake…

Never ever smell bad during sex. Once you smell bad, the whole thing gets really messed up. Taurus man is not the person who would tolerate such uneasiness.

Massage sex is what Taurus man loves. He likes to rub her up…that makes him feel aroused. He would prefer a cup of champagne too. Once in the mood, he won’t back way.

Not all Taurus man is Bisexual, but yeah, the research shows that Taurus man bisexuality is stronger than most others.

Taurus Man in Bed

Taurus Man in Love

Taurus Man in Bed

Taurus Man in Bed

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