Yaron Versano: 10 Things to Know About Gal Gadot’s Husband

yaron versano

Yaron Versano and Gal Got are in a pretty strong bond of intimacy and love. Despite the age difference of 10 years between the two, the couple has been able to maintain a level of intimacy and trust for a considerable period of time.

They first met on a retreat in the Israeli desert in 2006. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love. For them, they figured out instantly that they are made for each other.

1.Was it a love at first sight?

Gal Gadot and Yaron Versano had a brief moment of interaction between themselves at the dessert party. While recalling the event Gal Gadot said ‘We were least focused on food and other stuff present in the party. For me, it was all about Yaron Versano. It was love at first sight and nothing else’.

2.So did Yaron Versano proposed during that meeting?

Nay… He didn’t. He was tempted to but choose to dodge his feelings and stay away from the temptations. Yaron Versano also expressed in events following the marriage that she was pretty unsure about the prospects of marriage with a guy slightly older than her.  ‘I was hesitant. I didn’t know if he was my soul mate’.

Two years of dating and Boom!!!

Yaron Versano

Gadot and Versano dated exactly for two years before they tied the knot in the year 2008. No, it was not the grand marriage ceremony we all expected from the much cherished Gal Gadot. It was serene and secretive as only people from the family were invited to the wedding ceremony.

3.Do you know why celebrity marriages tend to fall apart?

If you don’t here is the reason…

Celebrity couples fail to complement each other. They try to match each other shot by shot. None of them is ready to take the back seat and let others enjoy the limelight. Subsequently, the relationship turns into a farce with skirmishes becoming a norm rather than an exception.

4.They know their role pretty well

yaron versano

Yaron Versano and Gal Gadot played this part with perfection. While knowing the fact that Gal Gadot will be the face of media and limelight, Yaron Versano took the back seat. He never had the inferiority complex to trouble him. Yaron himself was a self-made businessman who made his name in real estate business.

Self-security and confidence in his own abilities meant that he had no issues playing second to the very famous Gal Gadot.

5.Blessed with Kids

Meanwhile, they were also blessed with a couple of Kids during this time. First Kid was born in 2001 and was named Alma, while the second one was born in March 2017. Just like everything else, they have taken mutual responsibility to take care of their kids.

6.Praise all around

Yaron Versano

The love between them is seemingly evident from their Instagram accounts where they extreme praise for each other. It seems that they are made for each other. They are selfless and ready to positively contribute to each other lives. Gal Gadot has herself admitted the fact that her life has changed completely after meeting Yaron Versano.

She was immature, instinctive and self-oriented when she met Versano but life has changed since then. And the calm and cool personality of Versano has left a huge mark on the personality of Gal Gadot.

7.Yaron Versano is different

As we all know, it is tough to be in the movie industry. At times, the work takes too long to complete, and during these moments, you need the support of your family. Gal Gadot is lucky to have a husband like Yaron Versano who is ready to understand and make adjustments accordingly.

8.Maturity defines it all

Gal Gadot husband

The couple’s relationship is based on trust maturity. As is said, maturity comes with age. Yaron Versano is 42 years old, mature enough to objectively review the different situations presented to him in the life. Moreover, they are absolutely honest with each other.

Whatever they think, they are ready to speak up. They are unprepared to play games with each other. They are special about their treatment of each other. Whatever may come, the family comes first. Everything else can wait for itself.

9.Yaron Versano net worth is worth a mention

With the approximate net worth of US$28, Gal Gadot husband is one of the richest celebrity husbands in the world. While Yaron sold most of his property in the years 2006-2010, he was also able to venture into different other business ventures. And until today, he has not let himself down.

His net worth validates his skill. With their combined net worth, they are one wealthy couple. It is estimated that their net worth is above USD40$M.

10.Yaron Versano is a Feminist

Versano husband

Yaron Versano also appears to be a feminist. Gal Gadot recently said that she was worried about the workload of being a working woman and actresses. It was Yaron Versano who encouraged her during this moment of hesitation. Despite the fact that Yaron Versano has mostly detached himself from her wife’s field, he has promoted the movie ‘Wonder Woman’ ferociously because of its feministic themes. All in all, Gadot has been massively supporting her wife’s lifestyle and actions while discarding the old narrative about husband and wife roles.