Alexis Maas: 6 Important Facts about Johnny Carson Wife


Alexis Maas is the wife of deceased American T.V icon Johnny Carson. If you are wondering how many times Johnny Carson married? Well… Alexis Maas is Johnny Carson’s fourth wife.

Before marrying Johnny Carson, she worked in a stock brokerage firm in Pennsylvania. She is not the most enthusiastic fan of the media coverage so we seldom see her appear in media.

1. Alexis Maas Early Life

Alexis Maas was born in the year 1952 in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the United States of America. While it is clear that she belongs to white ethnicity and holds American nationality, there is not much revealed about her early life.

Even after the marriage with Carson, the couple has been secretive about their lives. Thus, there is very little information available about her early life.

2. Johnny Carson & Alexis Maas love story

Johnny and Alexis tied the Knot on June 20, 1987. The couple had an affair even before 1985. However, they started to live together in the summer of 85 before getting married two years later in 1987.

The gossip about how they met and had an affair went on for years, but they have kept everything to their own and have decided not to talk about their personal lives in any capacity. 

3. Carson’s other Wives

Carson was married thrice before tying the knot with Johnny. His first marriage came with Jody Wolcott in the year 1948. The marriage didn’t last long. After several periods of intimidations, the couple decided to part ways in 1963.

Carson met his second wife Joanna Copeland in the winter of 1963. Just like Johnny’s first marriage, the relationship with Joanna didn’t last long as they separated in 1972. After that, another Joann[e] became part of Carson life. He married, had a wonderful early day, and then, just like all his other marriages, Carson broke up with her in 1985.

This was the time when he decided to marry Alexis Maas. Many were anticipating an early end to their marriage too, but against all odds, the marriage flourished and they went on have a reliable relationship for two decades.

Alexis and Johnny went to the Mediterranean for the honeymoon, spent money like leaves, and committed to giving each other time for the sake of the relationship. Some media reports claim that Carson spent over $7 Million for their lavish honeymoon.

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4. Alexis Maas after Johnny Carson’s Death

The relationship came to a sad end in the year 2005 when Johnny died of emphysema in Los Angles on 23rd of January 2005 at the age of 69.

The death of Johnny Carson in 2005 shocked Alexis Maas. It was so sudden that it took her a lot of time to absorb the pain of the event. However, the first thing Alexis Maas did after her breakup was to go contactless with media. She has never been in an affair with anyone ever since the death of Johnny Carson.

5. Alexis Maas & Johnny Carson Children

Alexis Maas didn’t give birth to any child, but she had three stepchildren from Carson’s first wife Jody Wolcott. These children are named Richard Carson, Christopher Carson, and Corey Carson.

6. Alexis Maas Net worth

Alexis Maas inherited a lot of net worth courtesy her husband. They lived in a 16 bedroom real-estate in Malibu, California. The pair also spent their summer in Beverly Hills mansion which was built on 14,000 square foot of area. Alexis Maas was at sixes and sevens about the fate of these large properties after the death of Johnny Carson.

Ultimately, she decided to sell them for the whopping sum of $55 Million. Alexis Maas is also the owner of $150 million dollars that were left to her in inheritance by Johnny Carson. While the total net worth of Johnny Carson was $300 Million, but at his death, half of it was donated to the Johnny Carson Foundation. With the net worth around $150 Million, it is safe to say that she won’t be having trouble to pay for her expenses.