Home Celebrity Lounge Amanda BALIONIS: ALL YOU NEED to KNOW about Amanda’s LIFE & Career

Amanda BALIONIS: ALL YOU NEED to KNOW about Amanda’s LIFE & Career

Amanda BALIONIS: ALL YOU NEED to KNOW about Amanda’s LIFE & Career

[spacer height=”20px”]Amanda Balionis is a 32-year-old American Sports Reporter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has built quite a reputation as a reporter in the last few years. She started off her career by working for a local newspaper, while steadily making an effort to move on to her present profession, TV sports broadcasting job.

Amanda Balionis bio

She had been a golf enthusiast ever since she was a child. 9-year-old Amanda took up golf as a hobby eventually playing in the junior school team. She also plays volleyball.

Amanda Balionis’s Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Recent net worth has not been updated, but from 2018 updates, it can be assumed that her net worth is around $100 million. With her annual salary ranging from $37,446 to $147,782 and experience of over 10 years, her demand and salary increase with every event.


Amanda Balionis social media activities are quite proactive. With 35,000 followers on Instagram and 30,000 Twitter followers, The Sports Reporter is involved in charity work with the K9s Warriors, an organization that helps post -9/12 veterans.

Educational background and Earlier participations

Amanda Balionis attended the Manheim Township High School from 2000 to 2004. Later on, she graduated from Hofstra University with a Broadcasting Journalism degree. As a student, she had been a passionate participant in media-related activities. She remained the part of local WRHU Radio station, Chronicle student newspaper, and the Association for Women in Communications.

Amanda’s First Super Bowl; football Cover

Golf might have been her first love but football, as she confessed, was also something she was interested as a child. And now that she was to cover her first Super Bowl, she could say nothing but how happy and excited she was to be those lucky few who got this chance.


On February 2019, she got some air time before the biggest game of the year after officially branching with the football coverage. Amanda got football gigs here and there despite being a golf reporter.

Amanda Balionis’s Parents Met with an Accident

Not many knew about it apart from some of her fans, that her parents’ father, Anthony, and mother, Dana had met with a terrible serious accident. It was only after a year that the Famous Gold Reporter decided to share it via her Instagram. It was so severe that both parents had to undergo brain surgeries. It was a successful case, luckily.


Some Facts about Amanda Balionis

  • Amanda has an hourglass figure with 5 feet 5 inches. And a 37-25-36 inches and weights 56kg.
  • She is got the signature American blue eyes, Blond hair and Bright smile. Earning a lot of male fan following in and outside the golf profession.
  • Has more than 10 years of Reporting experiences earning a reputation amongst the golf society.
  • Golf being the most lavished sport, Amanda would work in this field lives an equally lavish life, thanks to the incoming ever-increasing paychecks.
  • She is considered as one of the most stylish personas from the golf field.
  • Amanda Balionis had become the main controller of the mobile 72-inch SmartCart Screen which CBS has been rolling out since 2016. She had also been the host in many golf segment throughout the year.