Ashley Thompson Manning: Everything to Know about Peyton Manning Girlfriend

ashley thompson manning


American football and Peyton Manning are synonymous to each other. While his on-field brilliance and accomplishments are evident with Super Bowl wins and several individual awards, most of the details about his personal life are vivid.

Here are the major details about Peyton Manning wife Ashley Thompson Manning…

Ashley Thompson Manning is the wife of Peyton Manning. Both of them had a pretty lively relationship so far, things going well at one moment and then suddenly, within a course of a few days, disrupting instantly.

However, the couple has done exceedingly well to find love amidst all the difficulty their relationship had to go through.

Ashley Thompson’s Early Life

Ashley Thompson was born in Memphis, Tennessee as one of the four children of her parents on December 2nd, 1980. Born to a banker father who had commercial real estate in Tennessee and a housewife mother, she grew in pretty amiable circumstances.

Ashely reveals that her mother was always there for her in the time of difficulty, supporting her to make better decisions in her life.

Ashely’s Career DETAILS

Ashley Thompson Manning showed interest in the marketing from the very start, and inevitably, got admission in the University of Virginia in the marketing and finance field.  She passed the final year in 1997.

Ashley was not only the brightest student of her batch but was deeply appreciated by the university administration for her social and charitable work. She organized mass funding and tours to help people meet their needs. She didn’t back off after her degree and continued to work for different charity organizations.

For several years to come, she dedicated her time and energies to raise the amount for charitable fundraising events. In her own words, her knowledge in the marketing and finance field coupled with her desire to raise funds helped her to run successful charity campaigns.

While continuing to be part of fundraising events, she also worked hard to launch her own real estate development career. She had plans to make the business flourish in more than one state so that it can be converted into a successful brand.

Ashley & Peyton: How relationship developed?

They were introduced to each other by their parents in 1993. They had constant interactions in the ’90s, but none of them were thinking on the lines of a long term relationship. It was only in the late ’90s when both of them decided to seriously think about a long term relationship. At last in 2001, they tied the knot in Memphis.

Do they have any Children?

For the first ten years of the marriage, they remained childless. But ultimately on March 31, 2011, the couple was blessed with the birth of twins; Marshall Williams, the son and Mosley Thompson the daughter.

The couple has been secretive and private about their children, thus a pretty low level of gossip exists in the media about the revered twins.

Ashley Thompson Maning

Peyton Career & Ashley’s continuous support

Peyton career was jolted by a number of injuries in recent years. However, it was always her wife who came to support him in the crunch moments. Peyton has been vocal about the support of Ashley in helping him play better for a longer duration of time.

During an interview, Peyton revealed that he was about to quit at one time when his wife motivated her to not take the extreme step.

Peyton fans were distraught when Aljazeera broke the news of Peyton involvement with drugs. Aljazeera accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs. Ashley quickly came forward and took the blame on herself.

Ashley revealed that she was continuously using the Human Growth Hormone drug. There was a lot of skepticism about the authenticity of Ashley’s claim, but she remained resolute that Peyton has nothing to do with those drugs supplied to their house.

Are they living happily?

The couple is more than secretive about their personal dealings. They have shown absolute disinterest in sharing their personal life with media. There were rumors in early 2018 that they were heading for a divorce due to differences.

However, they have shown by joint public appearances that they are together for a long time and their relationship will pass the test of time. Peyton is now retired living happily with his wife.

Ashley Thompson Manning Net Worth

There are a few ways for Ashley to earn. She is a real estate developer with a real estate company. She is also the owner PeyBack Foundation, a charity foundation for children at risk. While she hasn’t made her net worth public, we know that her husband has a net worth of $205M.