Home Celebrity Lounge Brittanya Ravazi: FACTS that You didn’t KNOW ABOUT Brittanya!

Brittanya Ravazi: FACTS that You didn’t KNOW ABOUT Brittanya!

Brittanya Ravazi: FACTS that You didn’t KNOW ABOUT Brittanya!

[spacer height=”20px”]Born on the 7th of July, 1985, Brittanya Ravazi is a 32-year-old Californian Instagram star with 14 million followers. And it doesn’t stop there. She is also an Actor, Model, and a Businesswoman. Her booming Instagram account helped the actor to catch the attention of the show producer of ‘Rock of Love Bus and Charm School’.


After the show, she was signed by 8 popular magazines, some being the Savage Tattoo, Rebel Ink, Tattoo Energy etc in a short duration of 8 months. Ravazi being a pro player of the game, knew quite well the vulnerabilities of her fame and so, decided to open up her own clothing brand 187 Avenue, that would ensure a stable income. And much expected, the clothing line was a big hit and doubled her net worth by the day.

Net Worth of Brittanya Ravazi

Brittanya Ravazi, born with the maiden name Brittanya  O’Campo is the star spouse to Moe Ravasi and has accumulated a large amount of $ 6 million net worth. Apparently, she has given birth to 4 children but only two are publically introduced on her social media account. The Actor is known, ironically for being quite discreet when it comes to her private life whilst her active SNS accounts spoke otherwise.

But Brittanya Ravazi didn’t always have it easy. She had had her share or struggles during her tender age, with no mother to nurture her and a jailed father she couldn’t rely on. Some say this must have been the core reason for her rebellious transformation. Because not only she became a teen mother at the age of 15 but also found unconventional ways to feed herself and ensure the roof above her.

Brittanya Ravazi’s Family Back Story

Brittanya, born to the O’Campo household wasn’t blessed with a happy childhood. Motherless, with 4 other siblings and a father who had been jailed when she had just been 15.

It had been a flooded platter right from the start and eventually, it became the key reason, for igniting the budding fire in her heart to escape the black hole.


Porn Star History: Brittanya Ravani

Our not so elegant past always seems to crawl back into our lives like an annoying creeper and the same can be said for Ravani ’s. But the only difference is the fact that she acknowledged hers like a second skin.

Her life as a Pornstar might have been her shortcut attempt to a stable life. A New teen mother. And as unconventional might have been the right choice….for her. It helped her fan following grow and flip her life rapidly.

Carpe Diem Literally Became Ravazi

Ravazi is the infamous epitome of a Rebel. YOLO her motto. Not because she took the Porn Star road to fame but because she was jailed for a period of 6 months for assaulting a woman with a Pimp Chalice. None the less it couldn’t affect her rising fame. After her release, she came back with an uproar power and conquered the social media game like the rebel.