Brochures Marketing: Your ULTIMATE Guide to BROCHURES DESIGNING!


[spacer height=”20px”]Brochures are common tools for service and product advertisement. The brochure is used extensively to spread information about the product as they also take the form of pamphlets and flyers when printed. With several cheap brochure printing companies in the market, the trend of brochure advertisement is in full swing.

Who’s using the brochures?

Brochures are comprehensively used in various industries such as entertainment, health, finance and many more. Recent surveys reveal that 25% of the advertisement money used by the companies goes into brochures and pamphlets marketing.

Celebrities worldwide have grabbed this opportunity of advertisement, and thus we see their advertisement firms using brochures on a daily basis for the purpose of lead generation. Brochures allow businesses to expand their fan following and catch the eye of potential customers in the competitive business market.

How to design a Brochures?

  • While looking for brochure design, one needs to select the target audience at whom the service is aimed at. As per the niche requirements, the service could have more selling potential in one specific group of people as compared to others. For celebrities, it is the young people who will be targeted the most. For astrologers, it is the females aged 20-30 who serve the purpose of their business. Similarly, there are different businesses with various niches, and also with a diverse target audience.
  • This is also to be understood that brochures for different audience must have a different tone to them. Moms would be attracted to a different type of a product banner as compared to the teens, so take this in mind while preparing to launch a brochure.
  • The next thing along the line the selection of the format for the brochure. The format includes size, type of paper and fold number selection. You may also need to take into consideration the utility of broacher. For example, is it to be printed and distributed to the public or will it be used for online advertising? The medium of distribution will eventually help you in deciding the format of the brochure.
  • There is also a need to determine what sort of information you would like to include in the brochure. Some of that information would be necessary and some wouldn’t be, therefore, it is to be picked that which information serves the purpose best.
  • Do you need any photo? For celebrity advertisement, it gets necessary to have a photo of the person, while for business purposes, it isn’t that detrimental to have a photo around. To decide what to include in the brochure, you need to have a clear mind on what purpose does it serve? Is it only for promotion or it is to serve the purpose of lead generation. If the purpose is to get a lead generation, there is a need to include a valid contact in the content.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. The major aim of the brochure marketing is to gain the attention of the audience, but also not to clutter their mind with unnecessary information. The more the information, the lesser the appeal.