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Candy Stevens: What About Charles Manson’s Wife?

Candy Stevens: What About Charles Manson’s Wife?

Some criminals are damn romantics. They have an interesting love life beside their notoriously criminal career. Charles Manson, the cult murderer of 1969, also had an interesting love life. He married Candy Stevens, a prostitute by profession to light his troubled life. Candy Stevens fell in love with Charles Manson in 1956. Fast forward, both felt that they are made for each other. Things went smoothly between them and they married in 1958.

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Candy Stevens & Charles Manson: A Short-lived Affair

Candy Stevens gave birth to a son, Charles Luther Manson, in the subsequent years but the exact date of his birth is unknown. Candy Stevens was Charles Manson’s second wife. In 1962, things started to fall apart between the two and Candy Stevens decided to take divorce from Charles Manson. The decision proved to be extremely fruitful, as years later in 1969, Manson convinced his followers to commit a series of brutal murders.

Candy Stevens Son: Cahrles Luther Manson

There isn’t much in the record books about Stevens and her son Charles Luther Manson. They were questioned by the media and news agencies in the 70’s and afterwards about Manson’s psychological inclinations during the time she had lived with him. But Candy Stevens tried hard to maintain a low key appearance all these years. It is to be noted that neither Steven first wife nor second maintained any contact with him once his involvement in the cult murders was proved. Candy Stevens was more conscious about her son’s growth as an individual. So she didn’t want her son’s life to be impacted by the criminal behaviour: of his father.

Once a Romantic, Always a Romantic

So did the jail bars stopped Charles Manson from getting involved in new affairs? Or did her crime made girls stop wanting him? No. they didn’t. In the year 2014, Charles Manson got engaged for the third time. This time, it was 26-year-old Afton Elaine ‘Star’ Burton.

Burton has had a strange relationship with Manson. She persistently supported him. She also maintained that Manson was innocent. During all that time, she owned numerous websites that claimed the innocence of Charles Manson.

Burton’s & Refusal to Marriage

But despite their long-standing relationship and subsequent engagement, they never married. Burton seemed to be reluctant to take the final step. In 2015, even their marriage license expired. There were conspiracies that Burton wanted to marry Manson because she wanted to have his corpse as a tourist attraction after his death.  To her defense, Burton says that she didn’t marry Manson because he fell ill. However, the affair between the both ended as Charles Manson died due to Cardiac arrest on November 19, 2017

The Sad fact about Charles is that he was never ashamed of what he did, and that makes him a person who deserves little respect and sympathy.