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Kristinia Sunshine Jung: 5 Facts About George Jung’s Daughter

Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of the notorious drug dealer George Jung. Kristina Sunshine Jung was a teenager when her parents divorced, leaving her to face the wrath of the world. Kristina had remained away from the limelight for the most part of her early life. But for just a brief period of...

Elena Moussa: 7 Awesome Facts to Know About Greg Gutfeld’s Wife

elaine moussa
Elena Moussa is beautiful. She loves to own her beauty. She has manners. She is classy. She is what every male desire to have. And guess when beauty is accompanied by wit, what’s better than this combination? Nay. Nothing… 1. Who is Elena Moussa? Elena Moussa is pure Russian. She was born and raised in Russia...

Maureen Blumhardt: 5 Interesting Facts About Charles Barkley’s Wife

Maureen Blumhardt
Maureen Blumhardt is the wife of famous NBA player Charles Barkley. For the past 28 years, Maureen Barkley has remained under the radar, scarcely appearing in front of media and almost completely avoiding the red carpet functions. She has rarely accompanied Charles Barkley in public functions, except for the few special ones. As we know,...

Kai KNAPP: The Truth About ALexis KNAPP Daughter Revealed

kai knapp
Kai Knapp is the 7-year-old daughter of famous American actress and singer Alexis Knapp. Born on July 1, 2011, Kai Knapp is an Instagram sensation who has been feeding American tabloids exclusive photo contents WITHOUT actually owning a personal account. Her rapid growth and extravagant beauty have been the talk of the town and...

Manuela Escobar Wiki: 6 Unknown Facts About Pablo Escobar Daughter

daughter of Pablo Escobar
Manuela Escobar is the only daughter of the famed drug dealer Pablo Escobar. The life of Manuela Escobar has had highs and lows while low ones dominating Manuela's life for the most part. Unlike the perceptions, Manuela had a luxurious childhood. Escobar loved her more than anything else in life. She was a spoiled...


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