Jerry Solomon: 5 Quick Facts about Nancy Kerrigan Husband

Jerry Solomon is the husband of famed American Skater and actress Nancy Kerrigan. Jerry Solomon married Nancy Kerrigan on September 9, 1995.  Twenty-eight years later today, both of them are going strong and happy. ‘…having someone who cares for you is huge…you are much more confident and sure about yourself…’ This is what Nancy said...

Scott Mackinlay Hahn: 7 Awesome Facts About Winona Ryder Boyfriend

  It’s a well-known secret that Scott Mackinlay Hahn is dating the American actress Winona Ryder. He has been engaged in this romantic relationship since 2011. Even though you know a lot of things about Winona, people hardly know about Scott Mackinlay Hahn. We even know the personal details of Winona up to a great extent....

Jill Rhodes: 11 Interesting Facts about Sean Hannity Wife

Jill Rhodes
Jill Rhodes is the wife of the famed American journalist Sean Hannity. Both have recently celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary so we decided to have a look at their life...'It all started one sunny day in June 1991 when Rhodes caught my eye' said Sean on the eve of their 24th wedding anniversary.  Read: Merri...


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