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Chip Hailstone: Everthing to Know about Life Below Zero Star

Chip Hailstone: Everthing to Know about Life Below Zero Star

Everything was going right for the Life Below Zero star Chip Hailstone. It was the time when fame followed him, fortune allured him, but luck despised him. And that lack of luck coupled with bad decision making left him spending 15 months behind the bars.

Everything went wrong for the cherished National Geographic host. What did he do? Nine successful seasons of the program and now he is nowhere in the picture. What has made him wither away in such haste? This is exactly what we are going to explore…

Chip Hailstone
Source: National Geographic

Why is Chip Hailstone in Jail?

So, in the year 2012, Life Below Zero star was convicted and charged by the court for making the false statements to police officers. Hailstone reportedly claimed that a state trooper physically assaulted his 17 years old daughter in 2011.

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A similar claim was made by him in 2012 when he said that his daughter was threatened by a guy with a rifle in Nooryik.

The Arctic Sounder reports that Hailstone accused a state trooper of mishandling and objectionably holding her daughter. First, he accused the trooper on television, and then later, filed an appeal for his perjury convictions.

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During the court proceedings, Hailstone continued to give his remarks about the case and sounded pretty confident. He said that only issue for him was the anxiousness of her daughter Tinmiaq. Hailstone said that he wishes that the case gets completed at the earliest and her family could come out of the agony of the situation.

Case Turned Against Hailstone

But the case turned against Hailstone when his colleague Trooper Young’s testimony contradicted the point of view adopted by the Hailstone.

He didn’t approve that Blitz intentionally made sexual advancement to Hailstone’s daughter. Trooper Young said that Tingmak was kept in an escort position, but not only did he apologize but also made Chip Hailstone aware of the apology. 

Chip Hailstone, on the other side, lacked the evidence to support his allegation, and thus was charged with the fraudulent statement against a state trooper. Visibly perturbed by the decision, attorney Kerry claimed that there was also no evidence to suggest that Hailstone’s allegations were untrue. 

Hailstone, consequently, was sentenced to 15 months in the Anchorage Correctional complex in July 2017. His sentence is ending in September 2018. He is expected to be back again with the popular show Life Below Zero.

Chip Hailstone Wiki & Rise to Fame

Edward Hailstone is 47 years old, known for his reality show Life Below Zero, on National Geographic channel. The show is about Chip Hailstone and his family quest for food in the wilderness of Alaska.

They hunt and get their food. Adventurous nature of the show makes it one of the most hit shows on the National Geographic network.

Who is the wife of Chip Hailstone?

The name of Chip Hailstone wife is Agnes, the native of Alaska. She is 45 years old and has given birth to five daughters and two sons. Hailstone traveled to Alaska some 30 years back, and since then, has fallen into love with the land.

The whole family follows the Inupiaq tradition in accordance with Agnes’ Eskimo heritage. The main source of food is hunting in the culture, so the followers hunt, fish and earn their living by doing so. Chip Hailstone’s family has also been brutally criticized for the killing of innocent animals. However, the family remains committed to following the traditional modes of hunting and surviving by the same old age mode.

Chip Hailstone Net worth

Fortune follows fame. Hailstone’s case has been no different. Due to the success of the show, he has earned 200,000 dollars in the past decade.

However, the show is not the only source of their income. They sell Artefacts made from animal parts. Viewers are surely missing Hailstone in season nine of the Life Below Zero. Let’s hope he comes back into the action with much more vigor and energy.