Emily Riedel: 6 Things to Know About Bering Sea Gold Star IN 2018


Emily Riedel is the famed host of the Bering Sea Gold, the famous Discovery Channel reality TV Show. The show revolves around the activity of the gold adventures crew that travels from waters to oceans in search of Gold. Mainly a male-dominated field, Emily Riedel has made a name for himself courtesy of her hard work in the show. Risky as it is, Emily along with her partner Zeke Tenhoff shows ways to survive and take risks midst difficulty.

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1.Emily Riedel & Zeke Tenhoff—Rumours of Relationship

Emily Riedel

There has been a lot of talk about Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff relationship. Some of it has been true too. But most of it has been based on assumptions. They have been in the relationship in the past but have parted ways in the past to end the discussion about their relationship. Back in 2014, they broke out and decided to not work with each other. However, due to financial restraints, they managed to set their difference aside, and in 2015, started to work with on their projects for one more time. This time around, they were committed to being only friends. The partnership proved vital in enhancing their public reputation.

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Emily Riedel is single at this moment of time. It seems that Zeke Tenhoff business talent is far more persuasive than his boyfriend Skills. Emily, surprisingly, hasn’t dated anyone else either lately. So, we are not sure who she wants as her boyfriend or husband. Maybe she is willing to mingle with Zeke Tenhoff in future?

2.Emily Riedel Net Worth

Emily Riedel

Bering Sea Gold Star has earned a considerable net worth thanks to the popularity of her show. From 2012 onwards, the show’s watch time and online popularity have increased many bounds. In return, Emily Riedel has earned fame and fortune. Emily’s net worth is estimated to be $3,00,000. However, the exact earning from the mining operations remains undisclosed. Bering Sea Gold has been the chief source of her income, but she has also had projects with Zeke Tenhoff that were profitable.

3.Emily Riedel Wiki

Emily Riedel is the graduate of the University of South Carolina. She has a degree in Vocal Performance. She looked for a job after graduation but couldn’t find one. She was broke and out of money. Nothing seemed to click, but it was then, Zeek came to her resue. He told Emily that gold dredging was a viable option to earn sufficient amount of money. Emily didn’t know anything about the gold dredging but started to work on the project.

4. She Started with 250$

Back in 2010, when she started the gold dredging, she had no idea that the gold dredging will become the reason of his fame. With only 250$ in the pocket, she ventured out to start a business that was destined to be successful.

Light, Camera…

When asked if she gets irritated by the cameras around, Emily says that she is now used to the constant flashing of the camera lights, but still, I feel perturbed by the lack of privacy at some instances.

5.Opera was Emily First Love

Bering Sea Gold Emily Riedel

Have you ever seen people who start one career to support their dream, but end up making career their dream? This was exactly the case with Emily Riedel. Emily was one of those girls whose initial love was for the opera industry, but when she came into the gold dredging industry, it became her instant dream.

6.Emily’s Wiki

Emily Riedel WAS BORN ON 4TH OF July 188 in Alaska, USA. We don’t know the name of her mother, but father name was Steve Riedel. He has worked as deckhand, driver and captain in Bering Sea Gold. He also owns Eroica Mining.