Gemini Man in Bed: 8 things to know about Gemini Man Sexual Habits


It is a treat to possess Gemini man in bed…

Gemini man belongs to a class of man no one else does. His involvement is always great because of his ability to see and feel the things as a spectator while performing the sexual chores.  Consequently, Gemini man gauges the reactions far better than other people around.

gemini man in bed

The feel of sex is something that motivates him to the core. For some odd reasons, Gemini man will spend days thinking about sex and getting pleasure from the mere feel of it.

 ‘Action’ is important, but to Gemini man, feel is even more important.

1.Gemini Man Demands Sex

With his witty nature and ability to understand the nature of woman, he can make any woman fall in love with him. When in love, he will demand sex.

And believe it or not, he can satisfy any woman on the earth. It is just not the sex but the feeling he generates around the activity that helps his partner feel well.

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2. Ability to Mould Himself 

While performing the sexual activity, Gemini man observes. He observes what suits best to the situation. If a particular move feels the best he is unhesitant to try that for the longer duration.

As already said, with his quick wit and intellect, he is the master of taking chances and making things interesting for himself and his partner.

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3. Music and Melody Makes Sex Perfect

There are people who prefer sex in dim lights and cosy atmosphere. Gemini man is not one of those. Hazy atmosphere dampens his soul. Brighter atmosphere suits him the best. He feels comfortable when there’s music and melodious surrounding occupying the whole proceedings.

4. Slow Starter

Gemini man is not an exuberant starter. During initial moments of intimacy, he will be bit soft and edgy. But once Gemini gets through those initial moments he explores the wilderness of sex with a degree of efficacy.

gemini man in bed

Foreplay is Gemini man speciality. Like most men, Gemini man never lasts more than 10-20 minutes. He will satisfy his lust and will walk away the minutes he attains the level of pleasure that he wants to attain.

5. It is all about him

With Gemini man in bed, it is all about him. While most of the times, he will pretend that he cares about satisfying his partner, the harsh reality is that he only cares about his curiosity when it comes to sex. The behavior contrasts with his actual life scenario where he is more inclined to take care of his partner needs.

6. Sexual Loyalty and Preferences

Sexual loyalty does not come naturally to him. He might love you more than anything in the world but sexual infidelity is natural to him. Whatever the circumstances are, there is a chance that Gemini man gets into the lap of another girl.

Gemini man is not hesitant to try group sex either. Even though he won’t force his partner but would obviously want that to happen.

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7. Radical Outlook

Sex toys are also important to him. At times he would need them to experience a newer paradigm. He is not a conservative. He is someone with a radical outlook who takes things way too different when it comes to sex. Yeah, that’s the way he is actually.

8. Sexual Preferences

By trait, Gemini man is bisexual. If pushed by the friends he may say this open and loud but generally would prefer to keep his mouth closed on this.

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