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The dangers of melanomaMelanoma is one of the least common forms of skin cancer, but it’s also the deadliest type because of its potential to spread to other parts of the body. Each year, about are diagnosed with melanoma, and more than 9,000 people die from it. Rates of melanoma are on...

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What is squamous cell cancer?Squamous cell cancer (SCC), also known as squamous cell carcinoma, is a type of skin cancer that typically begins in the squamous cells. Squamous cells are the thin, flat cells that make up the epidermis, or the outermost layer of the skin. (Other parts of the body including the lungs,...

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What is basal cell carcinoma?Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a type of skin cancer that begins in the basal cells. Normal basal cells line the epidermis. They’re the skin cells that replace old cells with new ones. Cancer of the basal cells results in tumors that appear on the skin’s surface. These tumors...

What Does Rubeola (Measles) Look Like?

What is rubeola (measles)?Share on PinterestRubeola () is an infection caused by a virus that grows in the cells lining the throat and lungs. It’s a very contagious disease that spreads through the air whenever someone who is infected coughs or sneezes. People who catch the measles develop symptoms such as a fever,...

Everything You Need to Know About Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a common bacterial skin infection. In fact, in America, there are over cases of cellulitis each year. The infection can occur anywhere on the body and can lead to serious complications if it goes untreated.In this article, we discuss the causes, treatments, and symptoms of cellulitis. Read on to learn more. What...


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