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6 Actionable Tips to Make A CANCER MAN MISS YOU [ Quotes INCLUDED]


[spacer height=”20px”]Cancer men are the most innovative and loving of all the Zodiacs. They have their own vigor and style which makes it instantly important to start ‘make a cancer man miss you campaign’.

how to make a cancer man miss you

Their duality is what makes them the best husband material candidate. Cancer men speak fluent flirt and art of seduction bug are also quite traditional with their morals and duties, hence taking care and protecting their partner are his top-most priority. So if you feel he isn’t paying you much attention then it must be because you haven’t made your cancer man miss you enough. Based on their personality traits, here are some of the tips to make a cancer man miss you.


Cancer men are generally extremely caring and loving but if he feels like you do not care enough to share your worries and be open about wanting him to be there for you and in your life he will shut himself. Unlike other zodiac men Cancer’s do not harbor grudges and nor do they have massive egos that need boosting every now and then but that does not mean his opinions doesn’t matter.

Take your time with him. Make him realize that he is a big part of your life and see how he drives in with a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flower and your favorite chocolates on the next. By applying this method, many a woman has made their cancer man miss them.


Cancer men are hopeless romantics. Most of Cancer man’s partners are aware of it. For the minorities who are yet to discover that and had only seen cancer man’s reserved side, rest assure he too has it in him. It just needs a little brushing up to do. Cancer men are heart driven personalities.

how to make a cancer man miss you

Take some time off everything and go on a trip. A little gesture of love and respect is all a cancer man need for a heartier reciprocation from his side. The good thing about Cancer men is the openness to a verbal display of affection. If your cancer man misses you, he’ll call or initial a meetup.


As a Cancer man’s partner, simple-mindedness is a must have. Don’t complicate things by overthinking. He doesn’t love me. He doesn’t care for me anymore are such weeds that should be rooted out before it becomes hazardous for the relationship. If they are dating or married to you, it’s out of love. To make him miss you, he has to feel that you need him just as much as he does.

 If you tell him even a small detail of your day to day life like how stressful it was at work yesterday or how busy you’ll be tomorrow, a cancer man is sure to think about it. He loves the idea of soothing his lover’s worries. Engaging more with him will help in achieving your attempt to stay in his mind and heart.


Being caring and easy going can become a cancer man’s con and his source of silence. When they shower small moments of love and affection and it goes unnoticed, it tends to hurt them bad. All they expect is love in return. The more you are transparent with your thoughts around him the shorter the walls of insecurity, worries and trust issues will be.

 Yes! They might seem like happy simpletons but deep inside they worry of rejection and loneliness. Silence from your Cancer man could indicate his trust issues and insecurities that are surfacing. Win his trust. Easy his worries. Respect his decisions. He’ll shower you more than just a ‘missing you’ text from his office desk.


He likes it calm and a bit of reserve. A mix of simple and plain. Rather than the lion and the lamb game, he prefers the walk in the house garden learning about his main.

how to make a cancer man miss you

He expects a relationship where he can share his thoughts and worries because sometimes helping others can wear him down. It is then that your Victorian self, the caring lady must jump in. Motivate him, appreciate him for his good deeds that are usually taken for granted. That will surely do the trick of winning his heart, mind and occupy his thoughts. Ultimately, this will lead your Cancer man to miss you even more.


Being the zodiac that values virtues like loyalty it is almost impossible for a Cancer man to cheat on their partner. But the silent mentioned earlier can be a bad sign for the relationship. Wanting your cancer man to miss you means he hasn’t been speaking to you as fluently as before. What do you do then?  What he really need is a warm embrace from you and nothing else.

how to make a cancer man miss you

Being a Cancerian he would never say it but if you pay attention you’ll know that he loved the attempt to talk about his problems. That one day out of the 356 days when he is exhausted from giving too much of his attention I’m helping people be his affection. His care. His love. Listen to his problems. Worries. Help him find a solution because it so happens that people who know best about other people’s problems and worries find it difficult to solve their own.