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6 Actionable Tips To Make a Capricorn Man Want You


You are in love with Capricorn man…That is the harsh truth.

You want him badly, but at the same time, you want him to want you too. Isn’t it complex? Yeah, it is. But we have you covered. The thing about Capricorn man is that he is a puzzling individual. There is always a need to understand him.


So let’s start the journey to understand the Capricorn man and find out what is needed to make a Capricorn man want you. Here is something basic about him 🙂

1.Capricorn man admires a good sense of humor

There is an obvious misunderstanding about Capricorn man that they hate flamboyance and wit in the woman.

But no…

The truth is very much different.

He loves it when a woman shows her skills in the different realm of life. Capricorn man wants a multi-talented woman. Someone who could talk about sports to politics and from books to fashion.

2.Capricorn man loves honesty

how to make a capricorn man want you?

When he finds someone honest and straightforward in affairs, he gets readily impressed.The strength of the character conveys a positive message to Capricorn man. And he develops a sense of respect for the person who is honest in her dealings.

So ideally, stay honest to the Capricorn man. It will help you create a web of trust around Capricorn man.

3.Capricorn man decides slowly

Capricorn man is never in haste. He always takes time to decide about his preferences. So, it is inappropriate to expect Capricorn man to lay before the woman in a haste.

He will take time to decide. Don’t worry.

Just keep on building trust and intimacy and he will certainly start to melt and want you.

4.Capricorn man hates trash talk

There is a thing about Capricorn man…

He would never be carried away by the physical charm of the woman. He is not that type of man who will pay heed to the super sexy body or other physical characteristics of the woman.

capricorn man tips

Therefore, it is important to not talk sex at the earlier stages of the interaction with the Capricorn man. He is someone who wants to develop a relationship first and physical intimacy comes afterward.

5.Capricorn man is serious about his Goals

Capricorn man wants a woman who is supportive of his life choices. He loves to listen people praise his skills and life achievements. 

What does capricorn man likes?

So for the woman who likes Capricorn man, it is important to support his career choices and be his ally in his journey to achieve his goals.

6.Capricorn man wants Personal Space

Whatever the level of intimacy is, Capricorn man won’t let a person interfere in his super personal affairs. He would love to share his life with his partner, but will also be aware that there are personal boundaries that should be taken care off. However, on the positive side of it, once he gets into the relationship he stays committed for eternity.