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Practical Tips to Make a Gemini Man Miss You in 2019

Practical Tips to Make a Gemini Man Miss You in 2019

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Gemini man belongs to a different species of men. The task to make a Gemini man miss you is full of bumps and difficulties. However, it isn’t entirely impossible to make him miss you if you can work smartly enough. Here is the ultimate recipe to attract a Gemini man and make him miss you hard…

make a gemini man miss you

Don’t be available 24/7

The very last thing Gemini man would want is a partner who is unwilling to give him personal space. A partner who is prepared to understand the Gemini man, and ready to give him space and time is more likely to be missed by the Gemini man than creepy partners. Liberty is what Gemini demands in a relationship.

But it does not mean that you are suggested to leave Gemini man completely to himself. Even during his independence and days of ‘liberty’, you need to stay in contact either by sending him a picture of yours or sharing a WhatsApp chat for a few minutes. These quick chats serve the purpose to remind him of your presence. Remember, Gemini won’t like being consistently texted by you. While you are away from him, let him stay alone and don’t text him as if you are dying without him.

Follow the Method & Results Will Follow

How often should you text your Gemini man to miss you? Only once a day, and that too casually, as if you are not eager about him. That will go well with the personality of the Gemini man.

But what if he forgets me in the process? Yeah, it can happen…

But won’t happen in this case. You are not going to leave him alone, wondering if there is any benefit of pursuing the relationship. You are not going to abandon him. No, this is not recommended. With little WhatsApp conversations, you can always send a small gift occasionally to make him feel good. These gifts will remind him how much you care for him even when you are away.

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Piercing is difficult

Gemini man has a heart of stone. To pierce it, you need devotion. To find a place in it, you need luck.

Of the most people who date and love, Gemini is the toughest. But like every other human being, they have an innate weakness that pierces through their ego and sternness.  Gemini man absolutely adores mystery. Once made to think that there is something special and unusual about you, their peace will be disturbed. They will be intrigued to unravel the mystery. And that, my friend, will be the point when Gemini man will miss you.  What do you need to do during this time period?

  1. Call him on the weekends and ask him about his life. Ask him about his preferences. But hang on! Don’t make the phone call too lengthy. It must about him and only him. That’s it. When you feel that he wants to talk more, ask him that you have an urgent piece of work. Once you do that, he will have no option but to think about you even after the call is finished.
  2. This tip, is generally, for all the people, but it will work for the Gemini man too. Allow them to be close to you, but don’t let them overpower you. They will try to dominate you in one way or the other. Your job is to stay strong and not let them control you.

What will be the reaction of the Gemini man once he starts missing you? Will he automatically start mingling with you? No. He won’t. But what he will do is to start following you. If you are on social media, he will follow your activities there. He may well come further and ask you to hang out. So will it be a good option to hang out with him?

Fine Balance in-between

You need to maintain a fine balance. Unless you maintain a balance, your worth will continue to be decreased.  You may want to hang out with him. And you don’t want to overemphasise on distance? Yeah, it is the right option. You are not needed to always ignore him and create an unnecessary situation. However, you need to maintain a posture that makes him feel that he needs to work harder to have you. He must feel lucky to have you in his life.

Respect for Yourself

The problem with giving him all of your free time is that he may well get fed up with you and may not like you after a period of time. And the experience as such will be painful and dreadful for you.

Remember, nothing is important than you. You are the most important person. Once you decide to respect yourself, he will automatically be bound to have you on the table.