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No Nonsense Guide to Make A Pisces Man Miss You

No Nonsense Guide to Make A Pisces Man Miss You

[spacer height=”20px”]A Pisces man is the twelfth zodiac and falls under the water sign making them highly intuitive and romantic. He is straight forward and sympathetic towards people but can switch easily to the dark side if he notices his efforts are being misused.

A special thing about Pisces men is their creative and abstract mind that never plays by the rules. So his partner needs to understand his personality well if you want to ever make a Pisces man miss you.


Under any circumstances do not lie to your Pisces man, even if it is out of good intentions or to win his heart. His intuitive mind will figure it out in seconds and ruin the relationship, instead be open about your thoughts. Pisces men are an observant analyst.

They can understand any situation unfolding before them in a blink of an eye. So better be honest from the initial days. He likes honesty way better than white lies even if they were to impress him.


Unlike another zodiac, Pisces man has two prominent personalities. One is loyal, kind and highly sensitive whilst on the other hand resides a man who never shows the real him to anyone.

His mysteriousness means he harbors secrets. Try understanding your Pisces man like the way he does. It will show him you care enough to take the extra step, the effort and invest time to understand his worries.

Everyone is dealing with something or the other but zodiac like Pisces tend to get their problems lost in a crowd whilst attending to the others.

Be there to remind him of his problems. Help him find solutions because it just so happens that even the best advisors need a push from someone to face their fears.

Be that someone for him. Miss you? This touched Pisces man will offer his heart in a platter.


Firstly, it’s not being submissive but knowing who deserves it. Pisces man is loyal to the core and expects the same in a relationship.

Tricks like seducing, individuality and wittiness would not work as much as loyalty would to him.  The tricks mentioned above would only confuse your Pisces man to the point that everything could become risky.

Never try the make-him-Jealous game. It is a big NO. Why? Because he would take it as a sign of disinterest and shut himself faster than a cheetah running towards its meal not because his ego is hurt but because he would feel foolish for opening up. To reach his heart be his loyalty. Earn his trust.

Be the pillar of strength for your Pisces man because he has insecurities under the kind façade. He doesn’t feel appreciated enough by the people he helps.

Learn to genuinely understand and respect him.  Respect him not because he is a man or your man but because is a good man. Who puts others before his needs. When he forgets his strengths be there to remind him.

By the way, a show of affection through a warm hug, a long kiss would easily be welcomed by him. Let him pour his feelings out and all you got to do is listen. His love for you would escalate as beautifully as the firecrackers in the dark sky.


Pisces man is a bit of a dreamer. It’s a trait that helps him escape this mundane life and it would become easier to win his heart if their partner were too. Because a little bit of cloud castle building won’t harm anybody. But at the same time when practicality is expected to show your Pisces man you own it.

Confidence is also a key point to win his heart. Take the initiative. Do not be afraid to be a leader because whilst other men might find it difficult to digest a woman leading, your Pisces man will be found hearing and proud of you and your achievements.
Attributes like the will power to make a name in this world or the show of passion for art can be extremely appealing to your Pisces partner.

He prefers gentle storms over overpowering lighting that end with nothing but loud noises. Appreciate his cheers because not many would do it as he will.

The pieces man has learned the art of defusing heated situations. The barbarian society would label him the escapist. Too feminine for a man. But it is just his way of solving a problem as efficiently as possible. But even the calm sage has his days. His anger is usually a result of constant disappointment and constant negativity in the Room. Being a pessimist wouldn’t help nor would trying or suggesting him to change himself.

He might not be aggressive enough to argue because even in his annoyed state he is sensible enough to know what should be said and what not too but it wouldn’t stop him from leaving the room. Asking him to change meant he was lacking something. It would trigger his insecurities big time. Learn his triggers and avoid using them would be the advice.

Do not hesitate to initiate some healthy flirting. It makes him ease up a little. Throw compliments here and there about his shirt or how his hair had set perfectly. Make the topic of conversation about him because it’s rarely the case where his affairs are discussed. A trick that has a high possibility of success is discovering his kinks and practice it. Pisces men are also men at the end of the day.

Making love helps build the bond but it is not something he would proceed with just anybody. A connection needs to be there. His thoughtful and understanding nature will also show in his gentle caress, that boyish smile and the way he looks at you. You’d know right away how he feels about you and he wouldn’t hide it.