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6 Practical tips to Make a Taurus Man Miss you (With Infographic)


The matter of the fact is that you have fallen badly for a Taurus guy. He has captured your attention. You think about him 100 times a day.  You want to consistently interact with him. He also seems to like you. You can feel the affection and intimacy but you want more than that. You want the Taurus man miss you hard…

Probably you find this as a way to build a more romantic relationship. Whatever the reason is, this article will help you get your Taurus man miss you.

How to make a taurus man miss you?

1.Decrease your availability

If you are with a person 24/7, is he going to miss you at any stage of his life?  No, he won’t miss you. You will have to part away from him and spend time with your own family and friends. What will this do? Well, he won’t like that. But this way he will value you more.

The distance will make him feel your importance. He will be able to see how you helped him to get out of his problems and how you made his life far better than it was before. It will be the small things that will touch his heart in isolation.

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2.Challenge Taurus Man Strengths

Taurus man generally pretends to be strong in these situations. They are not eager to show emotions and feelings in the most significant circumstances. However, if he feels a connection and loves you, at some point, he will say ‘Girl, I miss you’.

Taurus man is very sensitive about his liberty. By being with you for a considerable time period, he might actually feel that he is ignoring the world and you are responsible for the cut off between him and his friends. Allow him time to be with his friends. Time spent away from you will ensure that he gets more time to socialize. This will help him to realize how much you care for him.

3. Stop texting him 24/7

If you can restrain yourself from texting him every other minute, he will miss you! What is happening right now is that you are texting too much importance to Taurus man. The texting saga has two sides to it. It helps you to stay connected, but at the same time, makes him feel as if you are for granted. 

By not texting him as often as you do now, you will make think about you. The sensitive soul inside Taurus will be perturbed. In response, he will text you more often. He will ask you to stay connected for longer durations. He will start checking your WhatsApp last seen.

Within few days, he will let you know that how much he misses the old you. Consistent contact is the malice you must evade. There is no point in making him too comfortable around you. Just jolt him up a bit and you will get what you desire.

4.Decrease Your Social Media Presence

What is the point in cutting off the talks if you are continuously posting your pictures on Instagram and Facebook? The type of character Taurus man is, the daily appearance of yours in social media will relax him a bit and no, he is not going to miss you.

 You need to restrain yourself from showing up on the Social Media every now and then. Remember, your aim is to create an image that you are way too busy with your life and don’t have much time to spend on such activities.

5.A Little Secret about Taurus Man

There is a secret about Taurus man. He is someone who always craves for ‘more’. Out of curiosity, he would want to have you closer than before. Because you are not available to him, he will want you back at all the costs. He will want affection. He will want to win you over.

You have to challenge yourself to stay a bit away from him. But once you feel that you have been successful in making a Taurus man miss you, it is the time to slowly return the affection.

6.Strike the Perfect Balance

Even when in a relationship with Taurus man, you must be ready to take bold enough steps to make your Taurus man miss you for a period of time. Be the first one to hang up and say goodbye or good night when on phone. Get offended when you feel exploited.

There is no need to be pretentious about the choices you make in life. This way, Taurus man will not only miss you but will also develop respect for you.