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No Nonsense Guide to Make a Virgo Man Miss You [With Quotes]


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You must always start with basic knowledge on your man’s zodiac traits before attempting to bring him closer to you. Scorpio Men are extremely passionate and sensual being. Making love is their way of showing affection and their silent ‘I love you’ to their lover. But if you still feel the need to make your Scorpio man miss you then here is the ultimate guide to attract a Scorpio man in such a way that he misses you passionately.


Scorpio men do not tolerate nonsense and are living lie detectors. They live their life by their rules and if you plan to control them at the tip of your pinky finger, that’s not happening anytime soon. But small gestures like honesty and truthfulness helps strengthen your bond because unlike the prejudices of Scorpio Men being stonehearted and mean, they tend to be the most soft-hearted.

how to make a scorpio man miss you

It’s in a Scorpio man’s first nature to be jealous and a little obsessive as lovers so missing his partner would start right from the initial stage of the relationship. Being crystal about your thoughts with your man will clear that and the ‘missing you’ messages will come flowing in. The genuine ones if he already is sending them!


Challenge him with queries, know his interests well, never miss a chance to showcase your sexy intellect because this man likes challenges. But he also likes to be the man in the relationship and the lion who fell in love with the gentle lamp. Damsel in distress moments boost his interest and gets him hooked deep towards you.

How to make a scorpio man miss you

But don’t fake it. Efforts in learning his interests and being natural will fulfill the above criteria because every relationship has their cute moments. By implementing the ‘PLAY THE INTELLECTUAL TECHNIQUE’, your chance to ‘make a Scorpio man miss you’ campaign successful will increase manifold.


Try to be witty. Keep the banter alive and the atmosphere entertaining. His interest to know you will double in an instance.

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He might even want to talk longer than usual because you have been intriguing. That’s your chance to hit the home run. When the intensity of the conversation is about the reach its climax, walk away with an excuse. A protest will come, if you don’t melt and walk away he’ll most probably think about you.


He’d rather prefer you in a chic white button top, a pair of denim and some killer heels. Let’s not forget small but major Scorpio turn on like the red lips and perfume.

How to make a scorpio man miss you

So be wise with your perfume choice as it is scientifically proven that men tend to remember or think about a person more if he likes and comes across the same scent again. Why not try taking your Cologne bottle the next time you visit his house and sprinkle it here and there discreetly. The scent will keep his mind entertained with you and some together spend moments.


They might love you to the moon and back but if his ego is bruised in any way or form he’ll either break it off without a drop of care or take revenge. It is in their nature to make sure the person who had bruised their ego should suffer the same.

attract a scorpio man

But at the same time, they remember those who supported them. The best advice here is to understand his worries and fears and motivate him. They are always craving for compliments. It doesn’t mean you are feeding their ego but more like motivating him because every other will choose to criticize his rough persona. Your genuine compliments will be rewarded with calls or text from him when he is low on confidence. Missing you will come easily.


Their sharp tongue, mean behavior and their damn care attitude is all a façade. Like I told you earlier they are closet cry-babies. They hid in so much under their villain façade that all they want is someone who expects them to change but rather stay with him and understand.

how to make a scorpio man miss you

It’s a long run but trust me it’s worth it. Try breaking his walls and he will give you much more than his divine attention. To make a Scorpio man miss you is the easiest yet the hardest because they are highly intuitive. A sense of manipulation, dishonesty or lie can flip their mind in a blink of an eye.


His personality type being very guarded, be ready or expect him going silent time and again. It’s his way of thinking. Rest assure though because he got your point. He’ll surely try in his little ways to make amends. Take note and appreciate it. It will boost his ego and he might try taking bigger leaps eventually.

tips to make a scorpio miss you

Lastly, patience is the key. Because making Virgo man miss you will take time. But once you start receiving it, it will never stop but growing every day. Scorpios, unlike their rough trait, are quite contradictory when it comes to love. Once they give their affection to somebody, it’s given in a hundred percent. No compromises.

Your ‘how to make a Virgo man miss you’ campaign is likely to succeed once you implement these strategies simultaneously.