Home Celebrity Lounge Jackie Braasch: Everything to know about Big Chef aka Justin Shearer Wife

Jackie Braasch: Everything to know about Big Chef aka Justin Shearer Wife

Jackie Braasch: Everything to know about Big Chef aka Justin Shearer Wife

Jackie Braasch is the girlfriend of the famous Big Chef aka Justin Shearer. Jackie came to limelight after Justin Shearer revealed to the world after years of denial in late 2017 that he has an adorable girlfriend named Jackie Braasch.

Jackie Braasch is a professional motorsport racer famous for drag racing. Her father was a motor technician, and thus, Jackie developed a passion for motor cars in the earlier days of her life.

Her love affair with drag racing ultimately led her to become a member of women motorsport organization called Car Crix.

Jackie Braasch Early Life

Born on 4th July 1990 in Joliet, Illinois, Jackie Braasch is a proud American of white ethnicity. While talking about her quest for the racing career, Jackie revealed that she was always motivated by her father to find her passion and then work passionately to be the best in the business. Jackie visited the race arena numerously with her father who was an avid racer himself.

Back in early childhood, Jackie Braasch would go to the garage with her father, lending him a helping hand to manage the business. In Jackie’s own words, the time spent at the garage made him fall in love with the sport.

Jackie Braasch wasn’t the only one tempted by the racing sport in the family. Her sister Erin Braasch was a pretty good racer too. Both the sisters had their first real racing competition at the age of 8. While Erin Braasch didn’t choose racing as her full-time profession, Jackie looked at it as a long time career, and thus ended up being sportswomen in the field.

Jackie Braasch relationship with Justin Shearer

Now 28 years old, she is a successful woman with a great career and family life. Jackie is dating Justin Shearer, the famous car race and TV celebrity. While Jackie has had affairs in the past, but she hasn’t married. Justin, on the other hand, was married to Alicia Shearer until 2017.

During the time Justin was with Alicia, he was supposedly in an undisclosed relationship with Jackie. And due to the fear of the reaction, Justin was very reluctant to go public about the relationship with Jackie Braasch.

In the aftermath of the revelation of his relationship with Jackie, Justin Shearer was criticized by the media. He was alleged of the unfaithfulness towards his wife by the famous co-stars. His fans were gutted to know about his dishonest behavior towards Alicia. People were aware of his marriage to Alicia, and then suddenly, when they came to know about a new woman in the life of Justin, they didn’t like it.

Pressure mounted on Justin Shearer from media to clear himself. Finally, he went onto say in his show that his relationship with Alicia had deteriorated to significant lows, thus making it impossible for him to live a normal life with Alicia. He also announced that they are soon going to get the divorce. Justin and Alicia have parted ways now, but due to the children, they still keep in touch with each other.

Justin Shearer and Jackie are a couple made in heaven. They seem to have a perfect bond. Justin says that racing is his passion just like her wife and he always strives to make strides in the game. With effort and continual sport from the Jackie, he has not only become a top-notch street racer but the success has also landed him a role in the docu-reality TV show ‘Street Outlaws’.

Justin Shearer has credited her mother for the achievements in her life. In his own words, it was not possible for him to get so far ahead in life without the support of his loving mom. ‘It is my mom who has kept me going during crunch times’.

Is Jackie Braasch happy with what she has at the moment?

Definitely yes. She has decided to make racing a career. She not only follows her own passion but also encourages other women to adopt racing as a profession. Jackie Braasch is vocal about shattering the stereotype that racing sport is not for women.

She currently competes in Super Pro Rockett Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series in Illinois. Her achievements include her entrance into the 12 finalists of 288 competitors who featured in 2014 Car Chix Ladies only Drag race.

Before her relationship with Justin Shearer, Jackie was also a full-time pre-school teacher. But now on, she has been fully committed to dragging racing.

Jackie Braasch and Justin Shearer Net Worth

There is not much information available about the total net worth of Jackie Braasch. Justin Shearer is supposed to have a net worth of 2 Million dollars.

Most of his wealth has come courtesy of his lead role in reality TV shows, but at the same time, he has had considerable success as a car racer. Justin Shearer net worth is supposed to get in good health after his deals with leading advertisement/commercial companies.