Jerry Solomon: 5 Quick Facts about Nancy Kerrigan Husband


Jerry Solomon is the husband of famed American Skater and actress Nancy Kerrigan. Jerry Solomon married Nancy Kerrigan on September 9, 1995.  Twenty-eight years later today, both of them are going strong and happy.

‘…having someone who cares for you is huge…you are much more confident and sure about yourself…’ This is what Nancy said about Jerry Solomon when asked about her bond with her husband.

The guy who was showered with so much praise is none other than Jerry Solomon, the husband of Nancy Kerrigan. Unexpectedly, Solomon is not a flamboyant TV and media industry star. He is another man who worked behind the scenes for the most part of his life and maintained a low profile career. Jerry Solomon has served in many roles as a professional.

1.What do we know about Jerry Solomon Professional Career?

His journey from being a sports agent to the president of ProServ, he has had a successful career.

Jerry Solomon worked as an agent for various other sporting legends during early 1990’s. Some of them are:

  • Shannon Mille
  • Ivan Lendl
  • Karch Kiraly

Solomon loved innovativeness in life. Thus to fulfill his curiosity and intrigue he has tried various things. He went into the TV production industry and churned out several Serials of high quality. Some of his best production serials are

  • Spike!
  • Colors of Winter
  • Dreams of ice
  • Nancy Kerrigan’s World of Skating


2. How did they first meet?

Kerrigan first interaction with Jerry Solomon was when he was the marketing president of the ProServ. Kerrigan wanted to ensure a lucrative deal with big brands like Reebok and Revlon at the peak of his career. Jerry Solomon helped him get these deals.

The deal brought an air of friendliness between the two. Meanwhile, Solomon decided to move to a new company but this time as a CEO of the Stargames LLC.

While Jerry Solomon ability to transition from one field to another served him well in the professional arena, it has also led to the demise of his marriage twice. Jerry Solomon divorced a couple of times before marrying Nancy Kerrigan in 1995. He also has two sons from his previous two marriages.

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Against the expectations though, Solomon has been able to build a long-lasting bond with Nancy Kerrigan. Both of them were able to understand each other and create a bond of intimacy between themselves. Now twenty years into the marriage, they are remembered as one of the cool couples in the industry.

3. What about their Kids?

The couple is also blessed with three beautiful Children. The eldest of them, Matthew was born in 2005, Brian in 2005 and Nicole, the daughter was born in 2008.

4. Any Scandals?

No. Not after marriage but their decision to marry went scandalously. Kerrigan was accused by the media of spoiling Solomon Marriage. Most of the people were dumbfounded when they found out that 25-years old Nancy Kerrigan was marrying a married guy aged 41.

Nancy was even told by his mentors and well-wishers to call off the marriage due to age difference the two. Nancy never took these suggestions seriously and went on with her plan to marry Solomon.

Kathy Solomon alleged that Nancy and Solomon have had an affair even when she was the wife of Jerry Solomon. Jerry ferociously denied these allegations.

 ‘I have had interaction with Nancy Kerrigan but it was never an affair. No, I was not engaged in an extramarital relationship.’

While recalling those days, Nancy says

‘It was a tough time. All I wanted was peace of mind and attention away from media but I was consistently questioned over my personal choices by the Media. It was outrageous.’

Due to Nancy’s consistent hard talk with Media, her image took a serious jolt. She became famous as a bad girl during those days.

Kerrigan has always denied her role as a spoiler. However, the continued tension got replaced by the years to serenity and calmness in next twenty years of relationship.

5. What is the best thing about Jerry Solomon?

Jerry Solomon is an open-hearted person who knows how to deal people. All his life he has developed his personality by setting various goals. He loves what he does and when he loses interest in his work, he innovates. He is a book lover. He is a producer, celebrity agent. This portfolio speaks volumes about his ability to deal people of different nature.