Jessica Rogan: 5 intruiging facts about Joe Rogan’s Wife

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Jessica Rogan is the much-cherished wife of the comedian, Joe Rogan. The famous comedian has accumulated fame and recognition with his amazing ability to crack jokes and make people laugh with his sense of humor. He is widely and deeply loved by the public all over the world.

Some of his greatest shows include Fear Factor, The Man Show. Joe Rogan talks about a variety of social issues while poking fun at the follies committed by the people. He creates mirth out of disturbance, so special is his talent.

1.Joe Rogan is just too careful about his personal life

While we see him carry on an excellent journey on the television screen, he is very secretive about his personal life. Unlike other famous comedians who have opened up about their personal life to media, Joe Rogan never likes to talk about his personal life, especially about his wife and children on the screen. Even when he was in a relationship with Jessica Rogan, none of the Joe Rogan’s fans knew about his relationship. The privacy thing has stopped Joe from making the relationship public for a long time.

2.Speculations and more speculations

Due to the secretive nature of the relationship, the rumors about his relationship continued as fans eagerly wanted to know about the affairs of Joe Rogan wife Jessica.

Fake twitter accounts contributed to the propaganda and associated his name with many actresses in the media industry. There were few of these Twitter account pretending themselves to be Joe’s wife Jessica Rogan. But to clear the mist of uncertainty, the couple cleared that they have no official Twitter or Facebook account.

3.Jessica Rogan Married Joe in 2008

Media reports emerged in 2008 that Joe had had a daughter from an unknown girl. Later on, Joe confirmed that ‘unknown’ girl was no other but Jessica. The couple got married in the year 2009. They had their second daughter in 2010.

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To most people amazement, the couple never ever disclosed the name of the daughter. They were always secretive about it and secrecy reached limits unknown for any other celebrity kid when they refused to give away pictures of their children.

Jessica attended the University of Arizona and did major in Psychology as a Pre-Med.

4.Jessica and the UNKNOWN CANADIAN GUY

Being in the relationship with a Canadian citizen, Jessica also gave birth to a daughter. Sources report that her child from unknown Canadian guy is in the custody of her present husband Joe. Joe is very caring for her stepdaughter as both love to share the light moments with each other at every given instance.

While recalling her stay in Arizona, Jessica claims that her previous boyfriend was a nice guy and she had no regrets falling in for that guy. She also insists that she has completely forgiven and forgotten the guy and has moved on with her life.

As per information, we can safely say that Jessica was incredibly upset due to her breakup.

5.Jessica Father Was a Comedian

Jessica’s father Robert Schimmel was a comedian. So fortunately for her, she had the opportunity to look forward to some of the great comedians early on in her life. That experience was mighty helpful in her career as a professional producer.