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Jill Rhodes: 11 Interesting Facts about Sean Hannity Wife

Jill Rhodes: 11 Interesting Facts about Sean Hannity Wife

Jill Rhodes is the wife of the famed American journalist Sean Hannity. Both have recently celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary so we decided to have a look at their life…’It all started one sunny day in June 1991 when Rhodes caught my eye’ said Sean on the eve of their 24th wedding anniversary. 

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Sean Hannity, even back then, was a conservative political commentator. He wanted someone to add freshness to his narrative. ‘It all started one sunny day in June 1991 when Rhodes caught my eye’ said Sean on the eve of their 24th wedding anniversary. Sean Hannity, even back then, was a conservative political commentator. He wanted someone to add freshness to his narrative.

Stable, witty and intuitive, Jill Rhodes proved her worth instantly. For a year or so, Jill Rhodes worked as an adviser to Sean Hannity. And then things took a new turn…

Here are 11 interesting things to note from their relationship!!!

1. Dating in the year 1992

They had their first date after a year of the professional company. Sean requested her to meet him. She obliged. Things started to move fast. It was the ‘summer of 1992 when Sean proposed Jill Rhodes. Jill wasn’t shy to accept the proposal.

Just at the start of the year 1993, both were married and ecstatic. Ever since then, Jill Rhodes has played a vital part in the life of Sean Hannity. To Sean’s credit, he has always shown the generosity to accept her contributions to his life.

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2.Alabama Connection to Jill Rhodes

Jill Rhodes was born on August 27, 1962, in Alabama. Even during her School, she was active and took part in social activities. Rhodes’s family encouraged her to take part in community service and expand her vision of the society.

Jill’s increasing interest in the community played a part in her decision to choose journalism as a profession.

She studied journalism at Alabama University and stepped into the professional life with grand ambitions.

3. Career Choices for the Sake of family

Jill Rhodes resorted to local reporting in initial days of her career but was able to climb the ladder instantly. She worked as a Fox news journalist for a brief time period. However, the career of Jill Rhodes was cut short after her marriage.

There were rumors that Sean wanted her to quit the media industry at that time but Jill owned the decision while stating that she wanted to give more time to her family and husband.

4. Sean Family: Patrick Hannity and Merri Kelly

Jill Rhodes

The story of lovebirds is nothing short of a fairy-tale. They met oddly. They dated. They married. They established a wonderful family. From the outset, they have had an exceptional bond.

Both of them understood their roles in the bond and managed to fulfill those roles. They have two children named Patrick Hannity, born in 1999 and Merri Kelly born in 2002.

5. Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes: Present Job status

Sean Hannity is doing his usual business, TV political commentary for his show ‘The Hannity Show’. Jill Rhodes works as an editor for the same show.

Jill Rhodes husband Sean Hannity holds a name in American conservativism. While he chopped and changed before 1996, it was Fox news which made him the media star that he is today. His Show ‘The Sean Hannity Show’ is one of the most followed shows in the American history.

6. Sean Hannity’s Family net worth

They have never made their net worth public. But according to the most estimates, they have a collective net worth of more than $80 million.

Moreover, they have two mansions in Naples and New York worth $5M. The family net worth is expected to see an upward growth due to Sean’s commitments worth millions in next couple of years.

Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity

7.Standing tough during difficult times

The relationship between Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes also had its ups and downs. Sean was recently accused by Debbie Schlussel of sexual harassment. She claimed that Hannity invited her to visit his hotel room after the show. And when she declined the offer, Hannity used his influence to blacklist him from the Fox News.

The news came as a shock to Sean and Jill Rhodes. However, Rhodes decided to trust Sean who vigorously denied the accusations made by the Debbie Schlussel.  

8. Jill Rhodes Offended by Sean Hannity’s involvement with Women

The couple is secretive about their personal life but there are rumors of a rift between the couple. The story behind the rumors is even stranger. Despite their longstanding relationship, there is news that Jill Rhodes is unhappy about Hannity’s involvement with women.

There are rumors that he has involved himself sexually with the different woman.

9. Things to remember from their relationship

As we know, Hannity is the author of several books. He has dedicated his book Let Freedom Ring: Winning the war of Liberty over Liberalism to his wife.

The couple has moved to New York, but are planning to leave New York once their children complete high school. Probably, they will move to Naples.

10. The difference of Opinion between the two

While Sean Hannity has always been open about his political choices. He supports Donald Trump and makes no secret of that. Fox news has also shown a tendency to support the pro-trump version of news and Hannity has been the major propagator of that policy.                                                         

Rhodes, on the other hand, is unhappy about Sean’s choice. She has never publically showed discontent with Hannity’s preferences but it is widely understood that she is against trump because of his misogynistic views.

11. Latest Marriage Anniversary Celebration
On 8th January 2018, the couple celebrated their 24th marriage anniversary. Arguably, it has come at the best time possible.

With tensions and rift threatening to take charge, it has come to rescue the family.  The details of the event aren’t shared due to the much-cared secrecy of the family.

Intruder Jan Gibert intruding Jill Rhodes’s house

Just recently, on 17th February, Jill Rhodes was troubled by the unexpected entry of a Former dentist Jan Gilbert in their house. Sources report that the guy entered Jill’s home without any prior permission.

He told the security at the house that he wanted to write a book about Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity. The guards present at the house also didn’t stop him.

Jill told the police that ‘guy didn’t have permission to enter the house’.

Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes were visibly perturbed by the entrance of an unknown guy in the house with such ease. The accused was arrested and a case of trespassing the property has been registered against him.