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Kai KNAPP: The Truth About ALexis KNAPP Daughter Revealed

Kai KNAPP:  The Truth About ALexis KNAPP Daughter Revealed

[spacer height=”20px”]Kai Knapp is the 7-year-old daughter of famous American actress and singer Alexis Knapp. Born on July 1, 2011, Kai Knapp is an Instagram sensation who has been feeding American tabloids exclusive photo contents WITHOUT actually owning a personal account. Her rapid growth and extravagant beauty have been the talk of the town and why not??

Relationship between Alexis Knapp and Ryan Phillippe

Kailani Merizalde Phillippe- Knapp is the love product of a summer fling between her handsome and famous parents, Alexis Merizalde Knapp (29) and Ryan Phillippe (44).

alexis knapp daughter

Not only are they both from the acting profession, but also share mutuality in being cast in famous blockbuster films like the Pitch Perfect, as the sexy Stacie Conrod and the all-time American favorite, I know what you did last summer. (Ryan)

Kai Knapp: The best thing happened to Alexis EVER

Kai Knapp has been fortunate enough to be swinging amongst parental love… Yes! Both parents parted before Alexis was aware that she was expecting Kai. Alexis, then 21, might have ended the short term relationship she had had with actor Ryan Phillippe and not revitalize it because of the sake of pregnancy, but decided to not abort the baby.


 This might have been one of the best choices she had decided upon because not only is the actress’s daughter blessed with prettiness but also has grown into becoming the Pitch Perfect Star’s moral support and the Apple of her eye. Which is evidently noticed in her gazillion Instagram posts about her adored daughter!

Alexis and Ryan Phillippe NEVER MARRIED

The ladies’ man, Ryan Phillippe, might have decided to not tie the knots with Alexis, even after the disclosure of the pregnancy but he sure did chivalrously come forward to play his part during the pregnancy. From doctor’s appointments to the painful labor moment. He was there. And still holds a close relationship with both the mother and the daughter.

A wild guess that the excellent skills he displayed whilst Alexis’s pregnancy might have come naturally to the $30 million worth actor because of his prior 8 years marriage to Reece Witherspoon.


From the wedlock, Ryan became a father to not one but two children. Ava (17) and Deason(13). Both know and have met their half-sibling and they seem to get along just fine.

Ryan and Alexis getting Along with their lives

Ryan had yet again tried his luck with relationships after Kai’s birth and started dating Pauline Slagter for about 5 years until they called it quits. They had no kids together. He might have learned from his mistakes…

In the midst of all this Kai’s mother has also been suspected to have bloomed a love relationship with the Ted director, Seth Macfarlane. But nothing has been officially confirmed by both parties, so we will just have to hold onto our popcorns a little awhile longer

Kai Knapp Net worth

Alexis Knapp had decided to apparently add Ryan’s Surname (Biological Father) in Kai’s official birth certificate. Surreal might it sounds, but the request was accepted and Phillippe has taken a place in the name slot.

It’s safe to say that young Kai will be getting her share from the Phillippe fortune even though her mother’s $5 million dollars net worth would suffice for all her current needs.