Kimberly Ann Scott (Eminem Ex-Wife): Early life, Relationship, Controversies, Children and Net Worth

Kimberly Ann Scott


Kimberly Anne Scott is famous because of her relationship with American rap star Eminem. Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott had an on and off relationship. Due to the reasons known only to them, they married twice and divorced twice.Most of the time in the relationship was spent trying to figure out ways to keep the relationship working. But as it stands, the relationship went from bad to worse as they struggled to find the intimacy and bond needed for a successful marriage.

The early life of Kimberly Anne Scott

Kimberly Anne Scott was born on 9 January 1975 in Warren, Michigan, United States. Unfortunately for her, she opened her eyes in an alcoholic family. The family had feuds, tensions and unnecessary strife due to alcoholic addiction. Kimberly Anne Scott ran away from her house with her sister Dawn Scott when she was 13. The Childhood of Kimberly, thus, was not decent. Strife, debauched words and rift were all that she experienced from her family and that never did any good to Kimberly Anne Scott.

Kimberly Ann Scott torrid relationship with Eminem

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem had their first meetup in 1987. Both of them were in High School at that time. While their relationship grew in stature, they decided to live together with each other. During the same time, Kimberly ran from her house. Eminem, then known as Marshal took care of both, Kimberly and her sister. Marshal’s mother played a role and accepted Kimberly while providing the Shelter to both of the sisters. Throughout 90’s the pair lived together, shared the love and promised to be there for each other for eternity.

This was the time when Eminem also strived to build a career as a rap singer. Eminem used to record demos and work hard on his stuff. While Eminem was busy building his career, Kimberly got pregnant with their first child. The news of pregnancy was not unpleasant to them, but surely, they were not planning for at that time.

Four years later in 1994, they once again started to date each other, this time with hopes to establish a relationship that is based on practical grounds. They got married in St. Joseph Mo in 1999. However, the relationship once again saw a dip, and this time around, the divorce was the fate.

At this point in time, there was a thought that their relationship has come to an end, but no, it was not the case. The January 2006 again brought new dimensions to their mutual relationship as they married for the second time. However, the marriage met the same fate as they filed divorced 2 months later in April 2006.

Hate and Love: A Complex Relationship

Eminem relationship with Kim is complex in many ways. He loves her one moment and then suddenly seems to have unfathomable hate for her. Once Eminem invited Kim to a concert while promising that he won’t open the topic of their relationship. But when on the stage Eminem punched a doll that represented Kim.

The event antagonized Kim and she left the party flabbergasted. This was not the only event when Eminem displayed his wild anger. Once Eminem also assaulted a man who kissed Kim in a nightclub.  Eminem was later imprisoned for his hostility and was given 2 years in jail. Fight, reconciliation, hate and love were all we witnessed in their relationship.

Jade Scott Mathews: The Only Child from Relationship   

Jade Scott Mathews, the only child from their relationship, was born in 1995. The birth of Hailie further put a strain on an already struggling relationship. The love was slowly crumbling, and eventually, the couple decided to part ways. Eminem went back to her mother while Kim took Hailie with herself.

Net Worth of Kimberly

The net worth of the Kimberly is estimated to be above $2 million dollars. But when compared to her ex-husband Eminem, it is not even worth a mention.  Eminem has the net worth of $190 Million. And it is increasing day by day. Eminem was also ordered by the court to pay $50000 annually to her wife as a divorce settlement in 2001.