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Kristinia Sunshine Jung: 5 Facts About George Jung’s Daughter

Kristinia Sunshine Jung: 5 Facts About George Jung’s Daughter

Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of the notorious drug dealer George Jung. Kristina Sunshine Jung was a teenager when her parents divorced, leaving her to face the wrath of the world. Kristina had remained away from the limelight for the most part of her early life. But for just a brief period of time, she appeared in the movie featuring her father and became famous in the aftermath of her appearance in the movie.

1.Not so Ideal Childhood for Kristina Sunshine Jung

Born on 1st August 1978, Kristina Sunshine Jung opened her eyes to a drug-addicted family. George Young was a much-despised drug dealer who went in and out of the jail several times. Kristina’s mother, Mirtha Jung was also a drug addict.

She used high-intensity drugs to overpower her addiction and depression. Just like his husband, Mirtha Jung was arrested and charged with drug possession. While in the company of drug addict family, Kristina Sunshine had a rather abnormal childhood.

2.Kristina Parents Divorced

To add further difficulties to life, her parents lost trust in each other. Subsequently, they divorced and left Kristina Jung’s family life in jeopardy.

Kristina Jung moved with her mother after the divorce who struggled financially to meet up the costs to raise Kristina. Fortunately, Kristina maternal parents came to her rescue. They sent her precious gifts every now and then.

Kristina Sunshine Junge
Some facts about Kristina’s life

3.Kristina’s Relationship with her Parents

After the death of her grandparents, she once again went custodian less as Kristina’s both parents faced jail due to the drug possession. Kristina Jung father was released from the prison in June 2014. There were rumors that both of them were facing difficulty reconciling with each other. But as the facts stand, they have totally reconciled with each other.


Kristina Jung felt that she has been deprived of the true family love because of her father unwillingness to leave the drug business. However, she has now accepted the past and decided to move on. It is believed that she started talking to her father during his last days in the jail. Both of them have attended functions together. Kristina has even wished his father happy birthday on his 74th birthday.

4.Kristina Sunshine Business

Kristina Sunshine is a professional businesswoman.  She is working with her father to establish a brand. They also have a business venture together named as BG Apparel and Merchandise. It sounds as if both of them are spending quality time presently.

5.Kristina Sunshine Hobbies

Kristina Sunshine loves poetry. She is also active on Facebook. Recently she has announced that in the near future she is about to launch a biography of her mother Mirtha Yong.

However, there has not been any news about the releasing date of the movie. She has also participated in the movie about her mother. But due to the federal government pressure, she was forcefully removed from the movie.

5. Kristina Sunshine is married

Kristina Sunshine Young is 39 years old now. She is married to Romain Karan. The couple is blessed with childrens. However, we are not sure if they are still together or not.