Home Celebrity Lounge Leslie Lopez: Is Leslie Lopez related to Jennifer Lopez? CHECK THIS!!!

Leslie Lopez: Is Leslie Lopez related to Jennifer Lopez? CHECK THIS!!!

Leslie Lopez: Is Leslie Lopez related to Jennifer Lopez? CHECK THIS!!!

[spacer height=”20px”]Leslie Lopez is a Californian born Reporter, Anchor, News Personality. Her age is yet to be made available. She had attended the University of California and the Mississippi State University bucketing a certificate in Broadcast Meteorology, December 2017. She is the first of the two siblings, her younger brother is named Christopher and NO! She is not related to Jennifer Lopez, the Singer. We’ll come back to it soon.

Leslie Lopez

[spacer height=”20px”]Leslie Lopez’s Net Worth and Stairway to the successful Weather GIRL

Leslie Lopez might not be as famous and wealthy as Jennifer Lopez with whom she shares the same surname, but she has herself earned quite a name in the News Firm. She started off her weather forecasting career with KUSI News in San Diego but soon after shifted to ABC7 after seeing a better future and position in it. She now shares the news screen with co-anchor John Coleman. She also works as a Producer and Newswriter based on CBS2 and KCAL9.

Leslie Lopez: General information and Personal life

The beautiful Californian stands a tall 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 50 kg. American nationality. Sports Brown eyes and Dark brown hair. Is extremely sporty! From hiking, surfing, scuba diving, indoor Soccer to indoor activities like reading, writing etc. She does it all and it shows.
Coming to her private life, Leslie might have learned how to be cautious and avoid the media’s eye from years of seeing it firsthand, how it’s been done at her workplace. She is said to be still with her long term boyfriend Boo Cruise but nothing has been confirmed.

Boo Cruise, Leslie’s Air Force Officer Boyfriend

Leslie had kept it low-key everywhere. From her skilfully handling her social media account without leaking private information to her relationship status, she hasn’t revealed anything. But there is a saying that Rumours are always half true, if not for other cases then for this case at least. The cards spread out seems to indicate it.

We might not be sure if she is married yet but the suspicion of her dating seems quite legit. They share an apartment with their dog, Rufus. The said boyfriend is an Air Force Officer for the United States. It is also said that they are already a married couple. If it contains any truth in it then Girl, Did she get lucky!

Is Leslie Lopez related to Jennifer Lopez?

No! The answer is No. It had been the media’s fault for all the internet misunderstanding. But we can see how it ended up this way… Jennifer Lopez, the famous American Singer, Dancer, and Producer, does have sisters with similar names and coincidently similar job profile.
Jennifer’s elder sister Leslie Lopez is a homemaker with two kids and just like her sister she has a talent for singing.

Her Younger one, Lynda Lopez is a successful TV journalist, Host and Reporter for the WCBS Newsradio 880. The supposed report must have confused the elder sister’s identity to the younger sister’s profession producing the Leslie Lopez we are talking about. But it was a genuine mistake because there were 3 Leslie Lopez profiles available on the internet. Hers grazing the bull’s eye of being the possible Lopez sister.