Libra Man in Love | Libra Man in Bed

 Sep 24. – Oct 23.

If there is a class of men born to hold the balance and harmony in the life it is Libra. Libra man would never accept anarchy in life and would always strive to maintain balance and composure in his life.

Libra man in bed

Let’s accept a bitter truth about Libra man…

They are lazy. The hardest thing in the life of a Libra man is to be disciplined in his life. He absolutely hates discipline. Whatever the circumstances may be, he would look to escape the torrid and disciplined routine.

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So is he friendly? Damn it. He is. With an exceptional sense of humor and ability to share jokes, Libra man makes a perfect guy for the company. Ready to pounce, Libra man would look for opportunities to make a healthy social circle.

Libra man would make compromises when necessary. People would always look towards him for the suggestion. He is literally the sage of community. People with Libra sign are most likely to join the business as they are good at building relationships.

Libra Man in Love

Libra man in love is a different proposition altogether. When Libra man looks to find a match he thinks way too much about his love. Sometimes he would spend hours dreaming about his love. But on the downside of it, he would be very reluctant to showcase his love in front of the girl she loves. That makes the situation very difficult for the girl.

On one hand, the girl feels that the guy is in love with her but on another hand, cannot gauge the intensity of love because of Libra man refusal to propose.


Libra man is also a bit of a perfectionist. Once he finds a blot on someone’s character he immediately pulls back. Moreover, Libra man lacks decision power. He would invariably think about the situation too much, thus making the prospect of action bleak.

Libra Man in Bed

It is really tempting to say that Libra man is the most chill guy in the bed. Once in the bed, he possesses the patience and ability to satisfy the woman in the bed. But for that to happen, woman need to indicate what she wants in the bed.

Libra man in bed wants his partner to dominate him. With an affection for submissiveness, he wants the woman to be an aggressive partner. Believe it or not, Libra man would be ready to spend the whole night to satisfy her darling. Sensitivity is one of the problems that can hinder the prospect of an inspiring sexual life. A woman will have to keep in mind that Libra man can easily be offended due to his sensitive personality. Therefore, special care is advised to be taken when tackling a Libra man in bed.

Pro Tip: Libra man loves to be complimented while in bed.

Once complimented, he would do anything for you in bed. Libra woman loves it when his woman dresses beautifully. It almost turns him on. He is good in most positions but foreplay is his best bet. He patiently moves forward and back while perfectly hitting the spot. He loves to be undressed by his partner.

Stamina-wise, he is as good as it gets. Libra Man would be best described as a man with steeler abilities in the bed. For him, sex is more than just a sensation. It is something beyond physical intimacy. It is souls mating with each other via the connection of bodies. He takes it slowly and gently. But never lets it harm him in any way.

If sex is an Art, he is the Picasso of it.

He is romantic but loyalty is not one of his strongest forty. He can easily falter to the captivation of a beautiful woman. It is hard to own him.



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