Home Celebrity Lounge Lyna Perez: Age, Career, Social Media and Net Worth

Lyna Perez: Age, Career, Social Media and Net Worth

Lyna Perez: Age, Career, Social Media and Net Worth

Lyna Perez, age 26, is a Miami, Florida born Bikini Model turned Social Media Influencer with 3.5 million followers on Instagram. True to her Instagram bio,  “ I live in a Bikini.” , Perez is seen almost always in some Sexy lingerie, thoughtfully handpicked to complement her perfect bikini body. She fashions an Hourglass body and has the Miamian Beach Tan.


The 26-year-old, Runway Model has accumulated a good $400,000 just from her Instagram account. Her modeling income has not been estimated but it isn’t far when we will be hearing about her skyrocketing Net Worth and ranking in the fair majority. Meaning quite a lot for a young woman to live a life of luxury. Which we see her sporting.

Bikini Models’ Private life and Relationship

Perez is definitely in love and with somebody according to her never-ending praises and adoration. Her man’s identity has been kept under the curtains, by the model. But sources say he is handsome and caring. Well, we can’t deny it… It wouldn’t it be astonishing if she wasn’t???


She is also rumored to have dated several men in the past but is not quite happy with the way the current relationship is going and we hope it lasts that way.

Role Model: Lyna Perez

Ready or not; here she comes, to capture your heart, to mesmerize you whole! The Sexy Young Caucasian has Instagrammers dancing like the car keys on her index finger. Her Curvy body has earned a long line of lovers and a Role model stature, from the young female population, who want to earn from what they love doing as well which is Instagramming!

Lyna Perez: Education and Family

The sizzling model is yet to release her educational status to the public. No school or college attendance entries have been made, so it’s safe to assume that either she was home-schooled or studying wasn’t her strongest asset. And it made sense. She has said to have started her modeling career from a very tender age. Eventually, education was dropped entirely.

Yet Another Popular Pornstar; Lyna  Perez


Everybody wished for an escalator up to the uphill struggle but not many use it. Why? Because it isn’t the right thing to do or we aren’t Daredevil enough! Well, Lyna doesn’t fall under the scaredy-cat lot.  Like some more bold women in America, who decided to pave their way from Pornstar to Power Social Networking Site Influencers was the right thing to do. Maybe it was…maybe it isn’t!  Just saying that nothing comes easily or free and if it did……well, you eventually find the loophole!

Lyna Perez’s Interest and Facts

  • She stands 5 feet 5 inch tall with an average weight of 48kg.
  • She has been the face of multiple magazines. Her milestone cover would be the Playboy magazine.
  • Being a runway model doesn’t stop her from her love for pizza. It’s her favorite!
  • A true Miamian knows how to have fun and relax and you’d get the same from the Popular Instagrammer. She knows when to be the life of the party.
  • She confessed to being the rapper, Notorious B.I.G’s fan. Her favorite song is Warning from the album Ready To Due. Released in the year 1994.
  • Her favorite music genre is hip-hop.