Manuela Escobar Wiki: 6 Unknown Facts About Pablo Escobar Daughter

daughter of Pablo Escobar

Manuela Escobar is the only daughter of the famed drug dealer Pablo Escobar. The life of Manuela Escobar has had highs and lows while low ones dominating Manuela’s life for the most part. Unlike the perceptions, Manuela had a luxurious childhood. Escobar loved her more than anything else in life. She was a spoiled kid who got everything she wanted.

1.Manuela Escobar Life after Pablo Escobar Death

However, things changed drastically after Escobar was killed by the Columbian police on December 2, 1993. After the death of Pablo Escobar, the family faced life threats from Mafias across the globe who wanted to kill the whole Escobar’s family. Conditions turned hostile and Escobar’s family was forced to flee Columbia. The trip to Columbia was the start of ‘trouble time’ as the burden of Pablo Escobar’s crime started to fell on family’s shoulders.

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2. Countries refused to open their arm for Manuela Escobar

No Country was ready to open its border for the Escobar’s family. Manuela and her mother Mirtha Jung had to travel from country after country; Brazil to Ecuador, South Africa to Peru and Mexico to Argentina to find a living space for themselves. Finally, after exercising all their options, the family reached Argentina where they were granted refuge by the government, however, not before they paid the cost. Manuela was forced by the situation to change her name from Manuela Escobar to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. During that period, Manuela also opted for a low key life to avoid unwanted trouble.

3. Manuela was home-schooled

Manuela was born on May 25, 1984. She is the younger of the two children. Due to the criminal background of her father, she was not allowed to move freely in her childhood and early teenage. Even worst, she was denied school by the family on security grounds. Due to the persistent risk to the family life, she was homeschooled in her childhood.

4.Manuela: The Favourite Kid of Escobar

It is safe to assume that Manuela was the favourite kid of Pablo. When with her, Pablo used to forget the harsh relaties of life. She brought hope and calmness to his troubled life. It is said that Pablo made his wife Maria Victoria Henao abort the third kid as he feared that his love for the Manuela would get divided by having another child. 

Manuella Escobar

But unfortunately for the Manuela, this love didn’t last long. Soon, the tide of luck changed and family went into the crisis that changed Manuela life forever.

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Fleeing country after country after the death of her father to find refuge, Manuela learned the lessons of life the hard way. Along with her mother Maria Henao and brother Juan, they faced difficulties of stupendous nature. It was only after they forged their identity, the entrance was allowed in Argentina.

5.Cases launched against the family in 1999

While in Argentina, Manuela and the family was doing well with the forged identity. Manuela was in school while her mother became a successful real-estate businesswoman. It was in 1999 when their identity was traced, and the money laundering case was launched against them. After much hustle, the family was acquitted because of lack of evidence.

Manuela was deeply perturbed by the turns of event. She refused to enter school after the discovery of identity and thereafter was schooled in their home.

6.Manuela Escobar Now

Manuela Escobar now

We are unsure about the whereabouts of Manuela. Manuela mother and brother continued to find reasons to interact with the media, but Manuela has deliberately stayed away from the media. Understandably, she was to focus on her current life while burning her past memories. She seems to be content with what she has and wants no disturbance in her life from now onwards.