Maria Victoria Henao: 10 Facts to Know About Pablo Escobar Wife

Pablo wife

Maria Victoria Henao was the wife of world’s most dreaded cocaine terrorist Pablo Escobar. Known as the world most notorious drug and cocaine dealer, Pablo Escobar has lived much of his life secretly. Very few people know that Pablo Escobar wife was very unlike him. She lived an open life and tried to build her life on own. This has been remarkable considering Pablo Escobar affairs.

Maria was born in 1961. She was widowed in December 1993 when Pablo Escobar was killed by the police. Pablo Escobar was a terrible terrorist to some, but to his family, he was just another father, husband, and caretaker. The loss of Pablo left a huge gap in the life of Maria who was left to take care of two children. This bio will look into the life of Maria Victoria Henao after the death of her husband.

1. Maria Victoria Henao Early Life

Born to Carlos Henao Vallejo and his wife Leonor Zuleta in the small town of Palmira Valle DEL Cauca, Colombia in 1961, she spent most of her early childhood in her native town. But her life totally changed when she met Pablo Escobar in the year 1974. Young as she was, fell in love with the Pablo Escobar. Pablo also felt the vibe for her.

2. Pablo Escobar and Maria Marriage

They eventually got married on March 29, 1976. Maria was only 15 at the time of their marriage. Pablo was 24 years old at the time of marriage. However, it proved to be a difficult task to convince the family of Maria. Pablo was the friend of Maria brother. So once he made up his mind to marry Maria, he tried to convince her family. The family of Maria was reluctant to accept the proposal. The major reason for Maria’s family reluctance at that time was the age difference between the two and the novice nature of Maria. But they eventually bowed down to the persistence of Maria and Pablo.

3. Was Maria aware of Pablo Escobar Drug Business?

While Pablo continued to invest his time and energies in promoting his drug business, Maria was never told about his activities by anyone. Victoria thought that Pablo is in real estate business and that is where all the money is coming from. Sadly for her, she was blatantly unaware of the ferocity of Pablo business.

But the secret was out soon…

Victoria was shattered to hear the news of Pablo arrest in 1977 on charges of cocaine shipment on the border of Ecuador. When released, Pablo tried to cover the story by telling her that he was totally innocent. In fact, it was his friend who was responsible for smuggling. He was only an unfortunate person who was caught on the wrong charges.

4. Victoria realized that her husband is in a great mess

Innocent as Victoria was, she accepted the explanation from the Pablo. But from now onwards, she started to be conscious of the activities of the Pablo. When she found out that Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla was killed by the person sent by Escobar, she recognized that things are not so simple. Escobar is not what she has been believing through. Recalling those days. Victoria says,

‘I knew that day we were in a huge mess. My life, the life of my children is going to be difficult’.

The time was not ripe to contest Pablo. She did but failed. The path Pablo was following had no way to turn back. He continued his merry way and Victoria had to take care of her life and family. There was more to come for her.

5. How did Escobar behave with his family?

Escobar was a lovely family man. He loved her wife when he was around him, but most often than not, he was the one who was responsible for the infidelity. After everything, Victoria wanted him to be sincere and honest with her, He was not.

It is a common known fact that Escobar was involved in many extra-marital affairs with the woman from different places. The fact that he spent most of his time outside of her family because of his drugs business, the family felt his absence. Victoria went into deep depression because of the problems she has to face courtesy her husband. Time went on and she continued to suffer until his death in 1986.

6. Maria Victoria Henao threatened by Enemies

To jeopardize her life, even more, the family was constantly under threat from the enemies of Escobar. Moreover, media and intelligence agencies also kept an eye on the Victoria and her children. Needless to say, the life was pretty problematic for her.

7. Manuela Escobar and Juan: Loved by their father

Juan Pablo Escobar was born just a year after the marriage on 24 Feb 1977. Victoria was only 16 at the time of the birth of their child. Manuela Escobar, the daughter was born 7 years later in 1984. Pablo loved his children like any other father. He loved them, had associations with them and despite his criminal background wanted to save them from the wrath of the world.

8. Pablo meet the dreaded fate

Pablo was ultra-conscious about his own security. He seldom left a hint about his whereabouts. However, he made a mistake one day. And the mistake made him suffer, dreadfully.

Pablo called his wife on the 2 December 1993. The call was traced and Pablo was murdered in a police encounter. Pablo son, however, denies that. He feels that Pablo took his own life. The credible sources claim otherwise and are sure that police contributed to the demise of the Pablo Escobar.

9. Life of Maria Victoria Henao AND Children after the Death of Pablo

Initial few years after the death of Pablo were difficult for Victoria and children. They were consistently under the radar of enemies who wanted the family of Pablo. To evade a possible attack, Victoria wanted to flee Columbia. However, there was no country willing to allow them entry in their country. After much effort and strive, they were allowed to stay in the Mozambican. Victoria entered Mozambican in December 1994. But after a month, they acquired a tourist visa to Argentina. From 24 December 1994, Buenos Aries became their permanent home.

10. The family forged their identity to stay safe in Argentina

Before moving to Argentina, Maria Victoria Henao and her children forged the identity. They also maintained a very low profile existence during their stay in Argentina. Despite all their caution, they were arrested in 199 for forging their identity and money laundering.

“I am a prisoner in Argentina for being Colombian. They want to try the ghost of Pablo Escobar because they want to prove that Argentina is combatting drug trafficking.”

However, they were released because of insufficient evidence.  After that event, she has lived a quiet life, staying away from the limelight to avoid controversy.