Marjorie Bridges Woods: Everything to Know About Steve Harvey Wife

Marjorie Bridges Woods

Steve Harvey loves affairs, weddings and divorces. In his quest to find the perfect partner, Harvey, so far, has tied the knot 3rd times. However, this third time, Harvey has found someone who is as experienced as he himself is in the science of marriage.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods & Steve Harvey Affair

Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie Bridges-Woods is also two times divorced, thus making Harvey her third husband. The couple married in 2007 and has had a pretty smooth relationship contrary to the expectations of the people. Marjorie Bridges-Woods has become famous courtesy of her Instagram presence [1.6M Followers]. Here is more detail about events relating to her life. She was born on 10th October 1974 in the US and was given the name Marjorie Bridges by her parents. ‘Woods’ was added after one of her marriage. Marjorie’s early life details are scant, however, we know that she is approximately 17 years younger than her husband.

Marjorie Bridges Woods
Credit: Zimbio

And no… She was not famous before her marriage. No scantly. But just in recent years, she has incorporated stardom and played a positive role in shaping the life of Steve Harvey.

Do you know she owns a blog

On her blog, she opens up about her fashion preferences, etiquettes and food. Marjorie favourite fashion city is Paris.

Marjorie’s contribution to Family Net Worth

Marjorie is the wife of a man with the net worth $100 million. Does she need to worry about finances and net worth? No, she doesn’t have to. But unfortunately, she hasn’t yet earned the status of the ‘laziest girl on the planet’. So along with her blog, she owns a handbag brand known as MH [Marjorie Harvey] handbags. Marjorie believes that everyone has the right to look classy and expensive. So she produces handbags which are high on fashion but low on budget. Having said this, we are not entirely sure about her net worth.

What about Marjorie Bridges-Woods Past Husbands?

Marjorie Bridges choice of husband has left her embarrassed at both the previous occasions. First Marriage with Memphis drug dealer Jimmy Townsend proved catastrophic for her. Townsend was not only 23 years older than her but also a careless drug dealer who cared little for Marjorie and her needs.  Jimmy Townsend was sentenced to life imprisonment in a drug-related case. Marjorie immediately divorced him after a court decided on his punishment and married his 1st husband cousin named Darnell Woods, who also turned out to be a drug dealer J

Before marrying in the year 2007, Harvey and Marjorie were in an on and off relationship. Some thought that Harvey cheated on his second wife Mary, but as the things stand, we are unable to confirm if Harvey cheated on Mary or not.

Was it a love At First Sight?

Marjorie Bridges Woods
Photo: Daily Mail

Steve Harvey and Marjorie’s affair was inspired by their ‘love at first sight’. Harvey, while talking about their first ever meet up, said that he met Marjorie in a comedy club in 10’s and was awed by her personality.

 ‘I don’t know who you are lady but I am going to marry you one day’ said Harvey to Marjorie that night not even knowing if these words would ever come to be true. From there on, Harvey disappeared and there seemed no possibility of them getting together. Fortunately, they somehow find found each other in 2005 and has an on and off relationship since then. Two years later, they end up marrying each other in 2007.

‘Being Married to Marjorie Harvey is like being reborn’ said Steve in one of the interviews. The couple is doing a great as a pair. There is no rumour of divorce either. Both of them believe that they can live the rest of their lives in each other company.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Children

Marjorie has had three children from her first two marriages: two daughters named Lori and Morgan and one son named Jason. Marjorie Harvey daughter Morgan is married and even have a child that makes Marjorie a grandmother. Along with four children of Steve Harvey from the earlier marriages, Marjorie Bridges-Woods is the mother of 7 children.


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