Martyn Eaden Wiki: Facts to know about Chrissy Metz Ex Husband

Martyn Eaden

Martyn Eaden, a copywriter by profession, is the former husband of the famed actress Chrissy Metz. The couple married in 2008, however, the relationship only work for seven years, as they divorced in 2015. Martyn Eaden, unlike her ex-wife, didn’t get much fame and success in his career. He is not the most known guy in the Hollywood industry. Eaden’s public appearances have also decreased drastically after the divorce from Chrissy Metz. While on the contrary, his ex-wife Chrissy Metz, gained momentum and stardom with every passing day in the industry after her successful role in the ABC drama ‘This is US’.

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Martyn Eerden & Chrissy’s Relationship

Back in 2008, Martyn wasn’t the most famous guy around. Chrissy wasn’t exuberantly famous either. Martyn was a middle-class man who had a middling career thus far. Chrissy became famous as an obese actress in the ABC show ‘This is US’. Her role spurred a new discussion among US viewers about obesity and weight loss.


There were rumours in the media that the divorce was propelled by the fame and recognition of Chrissy. However, the true story behind the divorce hasn’t been revealed either by Chrissy or by Martyn. The case for the divorce was filed by the Martyn in 2013, but Chrissy Metz continuously ignored the petition. Court, however, gave its verdict of divorce in 2015 despite Chrissy’s non-cooperation. Martyn Eaden took the plea that the damage to the relationship has been irreconcilable and could not be repaired. Chrissy, on the other hand, has kept silence over the allegations and never replied or got involved in the divorce process. Ironically, now when they are divorced, the quality of their lives is much better, they seem content and happy apart from each other.

Net Worth

The information about Martyn Eaden’s net worth is not available publically, however, Chrissy Metz has churned out $300k after the release of ‘This is US’. She is expected to cross the $500k barrier this year as her popularity increases with every passing day.

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Martyn Eaden life

Some of the awards Chrissy Metz received are

1)    Golden Globe Nomination for her role in ‘This is Us’

2)    Primetime Emmy Award

Despite her obesity and the stigma regarding obese people, Chrissy Metz has not only succeeded in the Hollywood industry but also created awareness about the psychological struggles of the obese people. With awards and public honour, Martyn Eaden looks sets to achieve success in her career.

Nothing much has been heard about Martyn Eaden, but the speculation is that he has resumed his career as a copywriter.

Who is Chrissy Metz dating now?

Josh Stancil was seen on the red carpet functions with Chrissy Metz. Josh was the cameraman for the show ‘This is Us’. It was on the set that they started to like each other. Chrissy revealed that Stancil supported her weight loss journey. She said that she wants to lose the weight not because someone wants her to look slim but because she herself wants ‘to be proportioned’. Stancil gave her full moral support in her journey to lose weight.

But is Chrissy dating Stancil now?

She was asked this question on March 30 by the host of The Wendy Williams Show. Metz responded, “I’m dating myself currently.”