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Maureen Blumhardt: 5 Interesting Facts About Charles Barkley’s Wife

Maureen Blumhardt: 5 Interesting Facts About Charles Barkley’s Wife

[spacer height=”20px”]Maureen Blumhardt is the wife of famous NBA player Charles Barkley. For the past 28 years, Maureen Barkley has remained under the radar, scarcely appearing in front of media and almost completely avoiding the red carpet functions. She has rarely accompanied Charles Barkley in public functions, except for the few special ones.

As we know, Charles Barkley is in the news these days because of his famous show American Race. The show follows a pattern where Barkley investigates people opinion in different US states on debatable topics such as Muslims, immigrants, and race. Barkley’s own interracial marriage has been talking point in the 1980s.

There hasn’t been any direct reference to his own marriage, but it is widely believed that Barkley’s own controversial interracial marriage contributed to the idea of American Race.

Here are the five facts about Charles Barkley’s wife Maureen

1. The couple has only one daughter named Christina. She was born in 1989, the same year when her parents married. Christina is young, impressionable and vocal about her preferences in life. She graduated from Villanova and is now attending Columbia Journalism School. Barkley was seen supporting Villanova recently.

While taking to Media, Barkley said that her daughter is crazy about Villanova, thus he has decided to support her daughter by supporting Villanova.

2. Barkley and Blumhardt married in 1989. Blumhardt, at that time, was a legal aide in Bucks County. Barkley was playing for 76ers at that time. However years later, he moved to Phoenix.

Maureen is reported to be a former model and a women rights activist. She is even an honorary member of the Fresh Start Women Foundation.

The foundation aims to provide education and other life support to make the life of woman better across the globe. In March 2016, Maureen and Christina were seen in the fashion Gala of Fresh Start. The event raised more than $1.5 Million for the foundation.

3. Charles and Maureen had their first meetup in the restaurant known as City Avenue. ITW claims that she worked as legal aid and Model during those days. Despite her low key public life, Maureen Blumhardt maintains a healthy presence on her Twitter page. Sometimes she even responds to the fans questions about Barkley; his behavior and inclinations.

4. Multiple outlets have claimed that the couple decision of marriage wasn’t the most popular one across the US. Because of the interracial nature of the marriage, the bond was even unpopular among the celebrity diaspora.

Having reservations over the sustainability of such marriage, Barkley was skeptical about the prospect of marriage. NBA players’ track record wasn’t exceptional either.

5. Barkley had seen many fellow players with unsuccessful interracial marriages. Due to these doubts and fear of public opinion, Barkley has to keep the relationship secret for the most part. Even when the couple married, they only invited very few people to the ceremony, just to keep the process simple.