Merri Kelly Hannity: Everything to Know About Sean Hannity’s Daughter

Merri Kelly Hannity Tennis


Merri Kelly Hannity is the treasured daughter of the famous TV host Sean Hannity and journalist Jill Rhodes. She is the second child of her parents. Loved and adored by the family, Merri Kelly Hannity is one of the most energetic celebrity Kid around. With both of her parents in the media field, Merry has tried to stay away from the limelight and concentrate on her own life goals.

Merry Kelly is a Tennis Freak

Merri Kelli medal

Merry Kelly Hannity was born in the year 2002. She is now 16 years old and also a proud tennis player. She is inclined to pursue her career in sports, specifically tennis. She works hard to make herself a proper fit for the game of Tennis. Her diligence has paid off as she had set great standards for herself in the game. Now in 10th grade, she has the honor to represent the team Cold Spring Harbor.

Merri Kelly Hannity Parents

Merri Kelly Hannity’s mother is known for her maturity of thought and ability to understand the situation sagaciously. Merri has one leader brother with the name of Patrick Hannity.

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The relationship between her parents was exemplary until just recently when Sean Hannity was accused of sexual harassment. Although Sean has denied the allegations, the relationship seems to have suffered because of the allegation.

Merri Kelly Hannity’s father net worth

Sean Hannity’s net worth is well above $80 Million. Sean’s contracts with Fox news has been beneficial for him as he amassed considerable money from the million dollars contracts.

Sean Hannity is the much-cherished host of the show ‘The Sean Hannity Show’.

These are5 facts about Merri Kelly Hannity Parents.

1)    Sean Hannity is Pro-Trump TV commentator.

2)    Sean Hannity won Marconi Award in 2003.

3)    Sean Hannity earned $40 Million the year 2016.

4)    Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes got married in 1993.

5)    8th January is the Marriage anniversary of the couple.