Mirtha Jung: Everything About George Jung’s Ex Wife

Mirtha Jung

Mirtha Jung is the ex-wife of famous cocaine lord George Jung and mother of Kristina Sunshine Jung. She, along with her husband, was responsible for the smuggling of the cocaine into the US from the Columbia. Supposedly, they were behind the transference of 80% of the total drug used in the US during the 80’s.

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Mirtha Jung & Movie ‘Blow

Mirtha Jung gained fame after the release of the movie ‘Blow’. The movie ‘Blow’ was based on the real life of George Jung, whose character was portrayed by the Johnny Depp while Mirtha’s role was played by Spanish actress Penelope Curz. The movie showed how George Jung landed in the jail and the struggle of Mirtha Jung to leave her drug addiction.

How did they meet?

Mirtha met George Jung’s wife in a rather unassuming manner. Both of them have an age difference of 10 years, Mirtha being 10 years younger. Mirtha Jung came into contact with George through his cocaine contacts in Columbia. After dating for a couple of years, they decided to get married in 1977. It didn’t take long for them to start a family as they had their first and only daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung in 1978.


Relationship Faded Quickly

However, the pair didn’t get along nicely as many would have anticipated. In the year 1984, the differences between the two were up to a level where it became difficult for both of them to live together. The main reason for which was, the drug-related present and past of both. Both of them also frequently visited jail due to cases related to drugs.

Did THE Birth of Kristina Changed Mirtha Jung?

No, it didn’t. Mirtha continued to be a drug addict even during her pregnancy. She was advised otherwise by the doctors but she could just not quit drug due to low willpower. This habit didn’t change after the birth of Kristina Sunshine Jung.

Time in Jail & Change

Mirtha Jung took the initiative once she was proved guilty in the case of possession of drugs. The time in jail and divorce gave him the time to introspect and try to seriously quit drugs for the sake of her daughter. Back in 2001, the director of the movie ‘Blow’ praised her efforts to be drug-free for 20 years after being involved for so long. Mirtha’s persistence paid dividends, her daughter was kept away from drugs, she is addiction free for 36 years.

Did Mirtha Marry Again?

No, she didn’t. When asked by the interviewer about the reason of not marrying, she said ‘I have truly loved one person in the life and haven’t been able to get over that and find the same vibe for anyone else’. But is it the same for her ex-husband, George Jung? No, it isn’t… He has married Ronda Clay Spinello Jung who lives in San Deigo, California. Two different people, two different choices.

How old is Mirtha Jung?

She is in her 60’s now. She also celebrates her birthday on the 3rd of August every year. She is currently living in the US. But her whereabouts are unknown. Kristina Sunshine Jung, her only daughter, is happily married and going strong in her life.

4 Fast Facts about George Jung

  •  Served 20 years in Prison
    While he started to smuggle marijuana in the 1960’s, it was only in 1994, when he was arrested and given a sentence of 20 years. He served the punishment in federal prisons in New York, Texas, and New Jersey.                                
  • Johnny Depp & George Jung became friends
    During the shooting of the Cult movie ‘BLOW’, Johnny had consistent interactions with George, and as a result, they build a nice friendship.
  • He Briefly Left Prison in 2012 for a Medical Procedure
    In 2012, when he was still serving prison in a prison in Texas, he was released for the brief time period for medical reasons. Reportedly, he had a cancerous mole in her nose, which was removed during that time.
  • Improved Relationship with her daughter
    All his life, he had an uneasy relationship with her daughter. Kristina Sunshine Jung didn’t even bother to visit her father in the Jail. However, they were able to reconcile after the release of George Jung.

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