Nancy Putkoski: 5 Interesting Facts to Know About Antony Bourdain EX-WIFE

nancy putkoski with husband

Husbands are bad cooks. This is almost taken for granted. But wives 🙁  Yeah, they expect their husband to cook, while knowing that they can’t. Nancy Putkoski was one of those few lucky ladies who had her ‘good cook husband’ wish fulfilled when she married famous cook Antony Bourdain. However, Bourdain ability to cook well didn’t prove that he can also be a great husband.

Nancy Putkoski & Bourdain: An Uneasy Relationship

After twenty years of married life, the couple’s journey came to a sad demise in 2005 when they parted their ways. On the surface, they seemed happy and content. There wasn’t much fuss about their relationship either. Everyone felt that they were going great, but in actuality, it wasn’t the case. First 10, 12 years of married life were great, then came a period of differences, and their relationship succumbed to continuous disagreements. The pair divorced in 2005, thus putting a full stop to a 20-year long relationship.

1.The Path to Divorce

Bourdain and Putkoski were high school lovers. They continuously dated each other, desperately wanted to be part of each other life and live an outstanding life. Buoyant, they married in 1986. Their wildest dream of living together was finally materialized. 

But… It all came to an end in 2005.

2. Antony Bourdain Never had time

Potkoski’s husband was a busy man. During 2005, he travelled extensively and had few moments to spend with Putkoski.

The busy schedule of Bourdain sparkled a conflict between the two. Putkoski gradually felt that her importance as the wife of Bourdain was decreasing day by day. While in an interview with The Guardian Bourdain said:

‘She was the love of my life. But things changed’.


Married for twenty years and not having a baby was one of the major reason for divorce. Bourdain and Nancy Putkoski have never admitted if they had any rift because of not having kids. Bourdain has even gone on and said that he always felt that he is an incapable father.

Bourdain loved stardom and being in the spotlight, but Putkoski abhorred the idea of TV stardom all her life. Bourdain wrote in his book that she thought that the camera, shooting and all the TV fame brings fakeness to their life and was destroying their love life.

While in an interview with the Guardian in 2006, Bourdain opened up about the events that led to the divorce. Bourdain said that his perception about the life changed totally after his visit to Vietnam.

‘It was not the fame that made things difficult between us but my viewpoint about life that changed drastically’. While in Vietnam I realized that my life is never going to be normal. I altered the way I looked at life. That changed me. After I returned to the US, everything was boring… Everything, sadly, included Putkoski.

In Bourdain own words, he became suicidal in the aftermath of the divorce. ‘I moved to Caribbean where I behaved in a suicidal way’. At that point, my life became unimportant to me. I didn’t hope to live. I behaved recklessly in hope that something terrible might happen to me. But I survived somehow.

3.Anthony Bourdain Married Ottavia Bustia

When Bourdain left Nancy Putkoski, no one speculated if he was to marry anyone else in the near future. To everyone’s surprise, Anthony Bourdain married Ottavia Busia in the year 2007. Antony also became a father for the first time on the 20th April 2007. Both of them lived joyously until the year 2016, but just like Putkoski, their marriage ended in 2016. 

4. What is Putkoski doing now?

Putkoski, on the other hand, was gutted by the divorce. She left the limelight. She also didn’t marry anyone else due to reasons only known to him.

5.Whats about Bourdain?

Bourdain, though, decided to try his hand for the one more time with Italian actress Asia Argento and had a relationship with her till his death on June 8, 2018.