Nia Renee Hill: 8 Interesting Facts About Bill Burr Wife


[spacer height=”20px”]American entertainment industry is loaded with beautiful actresses of the highest pedigree. Nia Renee is one of those beautiful actresses. She is a multi-talented woman who thrives when challenges hit her life. Nia Renee Hill is like no one else in the industry. She is unhesitant, blatant and truthful about her choices and decisions. Nia Renee Hill is famous for her role in the Long distance, Santa Clara Diet and who you look For This week?


1. Nia Renee Hill Childhood

Born on June 2, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, Nia Renee Hill was raised in not so ideal circumstances. Even when in childhood, Renee parents parted their ways. The divorce between the two meant that Renee has to live either with her mother or with father.

Contrary to the trend of the mother taking possession of the child, Renee lived with her father. Renee father was a comedy manager. He raised her with extreme affection and helped her to develop personally.

Nia Renee spent her childhood in Los Angeles. Being from a black ethnicity, Renee has hardly opened herself about her childhood. Subsequently, the silence has led to the dearth of knowledge about her siblings and childhood background.

2.Nia: A born Actress

From the childhood, Renee showed interest in acting. When in Greenville school, she became a familiar face of the school’s drama society. She was confident and attractive. Needless to say, drama needs such exuberance.

3.Multi-tasking and Nia: A perfect combination

Renee has never been afraid of multi-tasking. The American actress has a major degree in Bachelor of Arts from Emerson College. She has also taken acting and fashion designing courses to enhance her skill level. Reflecting back, Renee has admitted the fact that her career has enhanced due to her skill set.

4.Nia Renee Hill and film industry

TV Series ‘Divorce: A Love Story’ was the breakthrough series for Renee in the TV industry. From then onwards, she gradually enhanced her reputation as a TV star and worked in TV serials including Lila AND Long Distance.

Nia Renee is not only about acting. She is also a pretty good writer. Her book ‘Love’ has had success. She has also been involved as a coordinator for Chappelle’s Show.

5.Secretive About Private Life

Renee is another one who doesn’t like sharing her private life with media. She is secretive about her personal life and tends to stay away from media queries about her family.

6.Nia Renee Hill Relationship with Bill Blur

Yes, she is. Nia has been in a relationship with Bill Blur for a long time but they have tied the knot formally in 2013. Bill Blur is a stand-up comedian and actor. Some of the best works of Bill Burr include Let it Go (2010) and Walk you way out (2017).

The couple started dating way back in 2008. Their initial interactions were formal, but as the time passed, they started feeling the vibe for each other. Subsequently, they fell in love and decided to live together in California. Their marriage ceremony was also very private as only people from both families were invited to attend the ceremony. The couple is yet to post their wedding pictures on social media.

7.Divorce rumors aren’t true

The couple waited from four long years before they were blessed with a baby girl on January 20, 2017. The couple seems content with their lives and the prospects of divorce or separation are pretty bleak as they continue to enjoy their lives.

8.Nia Renee Net worth

As is said, fame is directly proportional to net worth. Once famous, you are in line to acquire huge money. The money that Nia Renee acquired is also substantial. She is assumed to have the net worth of above $1.5 million in 2018. However, the net worth is expected to double in next couple of years as she works out on different endorsement deals with major US brands.

Nia Renee Hill can be reached on Twitter.