Paul Vincent: Everything you NEED to KNOW ABOUT Vin Diesel Twin

vin diesel twin

[spacer height=”20px”]Paul Vincent, age 51, producer, is the brother of hot Fast and Furious star, Vin Diesel. The resemblance between them is slight, almost unrecognizable. Not only does Paul Vincent have a luscious set of hair on his head but also have a slim and whitewashed exterior, deeply opposed to the beach tan and buff physique Vin diesel carries.

Vin Diesel’s Pandora box Opens; A 2016 Wildfire

We all know how the Last Witch Hunter star loves his privacy and to which extent he would go to preserve it in lock and key.But finally the silence ended and his Pandora box was opened. It was good trouble though and nobody on earth would be complaining about it.

At least not the female population. It was a result of a viral rumor sourced by the media which was released. Vin was quite literally forced to disclose his twin’s identity to the world after it, just to save the poor man, who looked like him.

It irked him how the media played around with a random person’s identity and claimed him as his brother just to get headlines. And to end the wildfire he went live on his Instagram account and introduced his twin to the world.

Paul Vincent; The Polar Opposite Personality

Born to a famous astrologer mother, and an unknown mixed ethnicity, both the brothers inherited aesthetic features and intellectual personalities, said to prevail amongst the mixed-blood offspring.
What’s contradictory though, is the fact that unlike his Center stage loving brother, Vincent prefers to stay off the limelight.

And keep to his close knitted family and friends. Nothing much has been disclosed about Paul Vincent but from prior minimal observation, he seems to harbor an introverted personality, which is refreshing! Who wouldn’t want to know how an introverted Vin Diesel would be like right??

A little About Paul Vincent

A director by profession, the Vin Diesel’s twin had apparently worked with his famous brother in one of his small budget film, “Multi-Facial”, under the sound department that released in the year 1995.
A film collaboration has been requested for the near future projects but if it’s taken under consideration or tossed in the dustbin by the brothers, we’d never know…..

Vin Diesel: Stolen identity

The Pacifier star is known for his large scale female fan following and their ability to go frenzy over his slightest moves. Can you imagine the shock they must have gone through when they found out about his stolen identity? Vin Diesel born as Mark Sinclair had apparently decided to keep his stage name from the first syllable of his twin brother’s name Vincent.

There might be two possible reasons for it. Either he preferred his brothers’ name over his or like most twins around the world he too shares a deep bond with his brother hence deciding to debut with his name.