Pisces Man in Bed: What Exactly Makes Sex difficult with Pisces Man?

Pisces has a natural disposition towards anger and heat. And consequently, life leads him to unpleasant encounters every now and then. To complicate the matters further Pisces man is a narcissist. He is overwhelmingly subdued by the feeling of self-importance and dignity.

Pisces Man sexuality

Whenever Pisces man decides over something, he wants to go by his decision uninterrupted. Questioning gets him offended. He wants his decisions to be obeyed.

So yeah…Sex with a person having such personality trait is no easy.He won’t listen. Taming him is difficult. It takes time and patience to deal with Pisces man. Infidelity is another trait that makes him a very difficult person to cope with. Pisces man will be in bed with every girl that will sexually attract him.

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Married or not, he will consider cheating as a source to rebel against the norms and moral barriers. While knowing the implications of such behavior he would just pass the limits and do what his heart desires.

pisces man in bed

He would want his partner to advance towards him with sexual energy. Every now and then, the partner must also be aware to change the positions as monotony kills the passion inside the Pisces man. On the flip side of it, Pisces man believes in setting up a relationship before trying to have sex with the partner. Sex with Pisces man is tricky but even trickier is the build-up to the sex.

Pisces man sexuality

Pisces man in bed wants pleasure. He is not the best when it comes to guiding people in the bed. He almost always expects his partner to understand the minute signals and bring it on. And when the partner doesn’t oblige he gets disappointed. As said earlier, Pisces man is offended by the boundaries. There are no favorite positions when it comes to Pisces man. Every day is a new day for him and he tries to experience newer position in the bed every single time.

Pisces man in love

Pisces man is unpredictable. When in the mood he is unstoppable but when not he is hard to convince. His whole life depends on his mood. He lives by intuition and dies by it. Reason frowns him. To bring the best out of Pisces man it takes a lot. But who cares? Love is blind and we have to accept what may come up with it.

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