RACHEL DE BARROS: Interesting Facts You Never Knew About RACHEL DE BARROS

rachel de barros

[spacer height=”20px”]Rachel De Barros, age 41, is the host and executive producer of the show Gearhead Diva. She is also a chief marketing officer and owns a boutique. This Brazilian television figure has motivated millions of struggling car and gadget enthusiasts to pursue their dreams.

Rachel De Barros especially represents the women population who aren’t given as much opportunities as men in this field. Not only is she a beauty to be awed at but her brilliant skills in the field of mobiles and gadgets had astonished everyone. She is now an acknowledged entrepreneur.

Car and Gadget Enthusiast: Rachel De Barros

Rachel, even as a child had always been different. Instead of collecting pretty stones, she collected junks that could be used as tools, instead of making Barbie doll clothes and braiding her friend’s hair, Rachel was always found dismantling or assembling appliances in some corner of the house.

rachel de barros

The Present Rachel seems to share the same enthusiasm because she operated as an interactive marketing company, Purple Star Media, whilst also managing her boutique. It doesn’t stop there, the Gearhead Diva continued to build her technical skill set by completing the Automotive Training and Repairing Program at Philadelphia Automotive Training School.

With her 10+ years of marketing experience and her passion for cars, Rachel De Barros was able to create highly engaging content strategies for the aftermarket industry in the emerging web, mobile, application, and other demanding technologies.


Net Worth of Rachel De Barros

Rachel De Barros has been the Apple of the eye for car enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs. And why not? She has proved that with strong will power and Passion nothing is impossible. Her earning from the show she appeared on, All Girls Garage alone had been a good $136,961.

And though her private nature made it quite impossible for the public to figure out an accurate estimate, it’s suspected that her net worth could range from $1.5 -3 million.


Education and Family

Rachel has passed out from the University of Ohio with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. After which the appeared in the American Reality Series, “All Girls Garage” on Velocity Network from where her career as an entrepreneur accelerated.

Rachel family had been quite supportive of her interests and ambitions. Even as a college goer she worked part-time and earned experience. Her best asset was her skill to use the common lying appliance as tools to modify and fix cars.

Rachel De Barros; the Gearhead Diva’s Romance

rachel de barros

Nothing. Yes, nothing has been shredded to the media about her love life. Not only is she a skilled escaper but also an amazingly private person. Her outgoing personality and an active Instagram account is an example of how skillfully she has kept her life private. Not a hint is left behind hence all the media can do is patiently await her announcement of being in a relationship or her marriage to someone. Now that’s what we call escaping the eye of the storm.


Trivial Facts and Rumors of Rachel De Barros

  • Teen Rachel De Barros had her first exposure to bodywork and paint when she worked under her uncle’s collision shop in Washington DC.
  • As her college goer, she did her own car maintenance and repair to save money.
  • Rumored to be deaf. It has not been confirmed or denied hence nothing can be assumed but she has been seen conversing and making phone calls in public, making the allegation quite just a silly rumor going about.
  • She is suspected of already being married to somebody. This too has not been verified. So if it’s true, then it’s safe to say that the talented beauty has another skill to add in her skills list. Her spy- like discretion.
  • She is extremely active on her social media accounts, sharing her interactive marketing strategies and upcoming projects.
  • She is a member of the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network and SEMA Young Executives Network.