ROBIE UNIACKE: What Everyone Ought To Know About ROSAMUND PIKE Husband

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Robie Uniacke came into limelight courtesy his marriage to the Rosamund Pike. Rosamund Pike fans are well aware of the love affair between her and Robie Uniacke. Robie Uniacke was educated at Eton College in Windsor, England.

Robie Uniacke Past

Robie doesn’t have the famed memories of her past. Once a drug addict who faced serious issues of personal discipline, he has fully recovered and made a life out of his tanned past. Rosamund Pike went famous in ‘Gone Girl’ and here came the attention of fans about her personal lives.

Robie Uniacke Professional Career

Professionally, Robie Uniacke is known as a businessman and a mathematics researcher. Rosamund Pike has always credited Robie Uniacke for her development as a character.

The actress always admires the wit of Uniacke. Uniacke established a company named Pale Fire Ltd in 2010 that was later dissolved in 2016 following a tax evasion investigation.

Robie Uniacke Previous Marriages

Robie also had a pretty bad track record as far as marriage is concerned. He was married twice before but both those marriages failed drastically. But finally, he has seemed to have found the perfect partner in the shape of Pike.

Robie Uniacke first married in 1983 when became the husband of Emma Howard, the daughter of late Earl of Carlisle.

He was then only 22 years old while Emma Howard was 30 years old.  From that marriage, they had one son named Robie Jonjo Uniacke. The relationship flourished between them for the first few years but the drug addiction ruined any prospects of stability in marriage.

As both of them continued to take drugs, the skirmishes between them grew, and eventually, their marriage succumbed to the increasing rifts between the two.

 Their heroin addiction led them to rehabilitation centers where they both tried to find a way to get out of the addiction, however, their relationship was now destined to find a bad fate.

Robie Uniacke then married Rose Batstone, the interior designer who fell in love with Uniacke. Uniacke had three children from the marriage named Hector, Olive and Florence Uniacke. The marriage didn’t last long either. However, the reason for their split is unknown.

Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike: A Perfect Relationship

After back to back failures, Robie life was in tatters. He was on the verge of collapse when he found solace in the shape of Rosamund Pike in the winter of 2009. Just like Robie Uniacke, Pike also had two relationships that didn’t last long. However, this was completely different. First, Robie Uniacke was a much older man. Second, he wasn’t from the film industry. Rosamund Pike said that she liked pike instantly.

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‘He was different. Robie Uniacke is the most interesting person I have ever met’. Robie is very vocal about the roles that he wants Pike to take in the movies. He is ruthless and honest in his views and both have pretty good chemistry between them.

Children: Solo Uniacke & Atom Uniacke

The relationship has worked amazingly well between the two. They have also had two sons from the relationship. Solo Uniacke was born on May 6, 2012, and Atom Uniacke was born on December 2, 2014.

But here is something interesting about their relationship…

They are not officially married. They have been together for more than a decade but have no plan to follow the life long tradition of marriage.

Rosamund Pike was even asked by the vogue during one of the interviews that if she plans to have an official wedding anytime soon? Pike has refrained to commit and said that it was nice to break the traditions.

Although the personal life of the couple has been blot free since the last decade, the same cannot be said about his financial dealings. Robie Uniacke was the director of Pale Fire Ltd.

The company collapsed and Robie came under investigation. Tax evasion of 179,602 pounds was proved against him. Consequently, Uniacke was disqualified from the position and had to pay a certain amount to save himself.

Robie Uniacke Net worth

Rosamund net worth is $10 Million. Uniacke has had a relatively good business career, but it is also understandable that the recent crunch has landed him in trouble. As per the recent reports, Robie Uniacke has assets worth 1.5 Million Dollars.