Robyn Hilton: Everything about Famous American Model [INFOGRAPHIC]

Robyn Hilton

Robyn Hilton, age 74, is an American model and Actress who was originally from Twin Falls, Idaho, US. Born to Mormon Parents, she grew up raising horses and feeding cows. But hand in hand she decided to continue and completed her schooling from Jerome High School in 1958 up till her Master’s degree from Utah State University.

While she wanted to pursue a career in the media industry, there wasn’t much scope for the opportunities for her. So after graduation, Robyn Hilton first job was a forecaster. However, soon she realized that it wasn’t her cup of tea.

Robyn Hilton & the Hollywood Industry; Objectified and Adult Film Roles

Robyn made her film debuted in 1964 with My Tale Is Hot and Kiss Me Quick (minor roles), in which quite clearly her physical attributes were credited and objectified more than her acting skills.

robyn hilton infographic

 Her overwhelming presence though was enough to leave the American Male Population speechless. But Hollywood may have mainstreamed her abilities as an actress, resulting in her similar role choices. She had appeared in 6 Adult Films and the others which didn’t fall under the 18+ category had used her presence in the scenes more as a prop than an actress. But she hit it big with her 10-year comeback, Blazing Saddles, which profited $119.5 million with a $2.9 million production budget.

Robyn Hilton on Playboy Magazine

 Before we start passing judgments on her career choices, we must take into account the difficulties in the surviving Hollywood heat. Robyn started posing for several publications mostly under M.O.R.E., who had actually posted her on every magazine publication they owned.

 It sold in millions and soon she became America’s First Crush and their Night Lover. She hit a milestone when she came on the cover of the number one Adult men’s magazine, Playboy, 1974, not Once but twice FULLY CLOTHED.

Robyn Hilton bids Goodbye to Hollywood

Hollywood has two types of celebrities, the majorities are those who struggle to maintain the limelight and then there are the minorities, who had not quite liked the Celebrity life and left the Hollywood scene. The farmer girl soon realized that Hollywood wasn’t her cup of tea, so in the year 1985, she vanished into thin air leaving the Industry and her fans with bittersweet memories.


Robyn Hilton and Her Two Marriages

During her 10 year absence from the big or small screen, Robyn had decided to settle down and hence tied the knot to William Hilton. The marriage ended sadly after 7 long years and 2 children together. But no hard feelings were kept. It was then that she came back with her blockbuster movie Blazing Saddlers.

It seemed for a while she kept her distance with marriage but eventually broke it when she tied the knot the second time with Alan Mihoces.  Divorced soon after and no children together. She decided to go back to her Simple farmer roots and the simple lifestyle away from the crowd and media.