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Samantha Lewes Wiki: Everything to Know About Tom Hanks Ex-Wife

Samantha Lewes Tom Hanks

Before Tom Hanks developed love and intimacy with Rita Wilson, there was someone else whom Tom loved passionately, Samantha Lewes, the childhood love of Tom Hanks. Samantha is also the mother of the American filmmaker, Colin Hanks, and Elizabeth Ann Hanks.

The beautiful couple had a serene journey for almost a decade before they decided to divorce. Among many chapters of the Tom Hank’s life, Samantha’s Chapter is one of the most mysterious and enthralling.

Early Background of Samantha Lewes

Most people know Tom Hank’s ex-wife as ‘Samantha Lewes’. However, Samantha’s original name was Susan Dillingham. Born on November 29, 1952, in California, Susan took her stage name as Samantha and became famous with the same name.

She has appeared on the screen with her husband in a show known as ‘Bosom Buddies’.

Samantha’s Relationship with Tom Hanks

Samantha and Tom first met at Sacramento State University. They dated for many years but struggled to make their mind up for marriage. When they finally did decide to marry in 1977, Hanks was 21 while Samantha was 25. Hanks has revealed that Samantha helped him to shed off the caste of depression and loneliness. ‘I was unable to fight my loneliness, thus I decided to marry Samantha Lewis’ said Tom Hanks in an interview to Desert Island Discs.

When Tom Hanks started his career, Samantha was with him providing him with the requisite support to stand tall during tough times.

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Samantha’s role in the development of Tom Hank’s personality is huge. Tom grasped popularity and reputation courtesy Samantha who helped him streamline his passion and maintain discipline.

The couple, however, decided to divorce in 1987. The reason for divorce was unknown as none of them decided to disclose the reason of partition. However, Samantha has decided to open up about the reason of divorce. Tom cheated on Samantha and had an affair with Rita Wilson, his co-star. Samantha decided not to marry again after the divorce.

Tom Hanks, on the other side, immediately married Rita. She has been able to complete his troubled soul like no one else. There is nothing I miss…Rita is the best thing happened in my life, said Hank.

Samantha Lewes Children: Colin & Elizabeth Hanks

Samantha Lewis

Samantha Lewes have a son named Colin Hanks and a daughter named Elizabeth Ann Hanks. Colin was born in 1977 while Elizabeth Ann Hanks in 1982. Colin, following his Dad, decided to pursue his career in the film industry. And evidently, he has been mighty successful. Movies like King Kong and Orange city brought him the much-deserved fame. Orange Country made him a superstar. Later on, in the same year, Samantha was nominated by the MTV for his performance in the Orange Country. Colin has also taken the initiative of ‘Film Making’.

His first documentary All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records were released in 2015 was critically acclaimed.

Samantha’s daughter, Elizabeth Ann Hanks is editor in Huffington Post.

Samantha’s Career

Was Samantha a star? Did she work in the movies? Is she known for his work in movies?  Well, the answer to all these questions is, she did start her career in theatre and played cameo roles in TV shows but she is more famous because of her status as the wife of Tom Hanks and the mother of Colin Hanks. She has made a special appearance as a customer in 1984’s Mr Success.

Samantha Lewes Death

Samantha was diagnosed with bone cancer in the 1990’s. She fought hard but struggled to recover and succumbed to the deadly disease on March 12, 2002.