Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez & The Tale of Exemplary Resolve


Here is the tale of Shayanna Jenkins who stood with his boyfriend Aaron Hernandez midst difficulty and hopelessness.

1.Aaron Hernandez Trail and Shayanna Jenkins

As we all know, Aaron Hernandez’s trial in the murder case was hard. It was packed with twist and turns, outrageous media uproar and much more. But during the chaotic time, there was one thing that remained peculiarly twist less: that was the presence of Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez. The girlfriend of Aaron Hernandez and a mother of one child, Shayanna Jenkins was the most concerned about the future of Aaron Hernandez. The passion and determination she showed was worth appreciation.

2.The Questions Aaron Hernandez left Unanswered

The soft-spoken, 27-year-old, beautiful girl who had enough reasons to leave Aaron Hernandez supported him during the trail. Why did she do that? Aaron never gave her his name! Aaron never married him. Why was she supporting her sister’s husband murderer! These were the voices that were heard, everyone. And even now, no one knows the answer of that.

3.Why the decision to support Aaron Hernandez was disastrous

On the personal grounds, the decision was even more calamitous. Her young sister boycotted her after she decided to support Hernandez. Shayanna Jenkins was courageous enough to take the name of Hernandez despite the fact that Hernandez never married him. She was asked to give a statement against Hernandez. She refused. She stayed with Hernandez. She loved him. She decided to support him during the most difficult time in his life. Shayanna Jenkins was brave. She took the step that made her an antagonist in the family.

Shayanna Jenkins hernandez

Shayanna Jenkins even brought her daughter to the court, to make her meet her Dad during the last hearing of the case. Kisses were blown by the father. The little daughter was depressed. Hernandez was emotional ‘I love you’ were the words mouthed to the Shayanna Jenkins by him. On the same day, he was pleaded not guilty in the second murder case filed against him.

4.Life of Shayanna Jenkins after Hernandez Suicide

But sadly, the mental stress of the ex-NFL star didn’t melt down. His suicide brought a new dimension into the life Shayanna. She got the fortune of the Hernandez, but to the best of our information, that was not much. The cost to fight cases were too much and the contracts were canceled one after another. Even Hernandez contract with Patriots worth $40million was canceled. There was not much left except the house in the Boston Suburbs. Shayanna and Avielle left the house and moved to the Rhode Island in the year 2015.

5.Shayanna Jenkins & Hernandez: The non-perfect Alliance

The couple enjoyed only a brief period of solace and love. Shayanna has known Hernandez from the school days. She has known everything about him from the highs to the lows.

Shayanna and her family had connections with Hernandez when they lived in Bristol. Shayanna and her sisters were raised by a single mother. Shayanna found Hernandez an amiable guy who was able to understand her. Recalling those days, she said ‘It was normal during those days. I used to talk to him on daily basis. We also shared notes, and yeah, it all started back then. Once Hernandez profile started to rise, the couple had brawls occasionally but it never blew out of the proportion.

Shayanna even confessed in 2015 that after Hernandez gained stardom he was followed insanely by the girls. ‘

Obviously, they wanted to get in touch with him. That didn’t go well with me and I had issues with that. It was the time when our relationship deteriorated to the lowest ebb.’

However, they maintained contact with each other. With age came maturity and they sorted things out pretty well. When Hernandez signed a deal worth $40 Million with Patriots, he decided to move in Massachusetts with Shayanna. Fast forward, she was pregnant in the year 2012 and they mutually decided to marry in 2014.

Their relationship also had a fair share of drama and fight. At one instance, Hernandez got physical and smashed the fist of Shayanna in the window. 1122 was called immediately. The neighbors of the family were also not pleased with their altercations. They reported noise, disturbance and domestic abuse in the house.

Shayanna Jenkins

When I gave birth to Avielle in 2012, he swore that he will not follow his untamed passions after the birth of the pretty Avielle. He was ecstatic about her Avielle. The birth of the girl was ‘life-changing’ to him. He further said ‘she is my passion. She is the love of my life. Whenever I get off the stadium I want to see and hug her. She is the loveliest girl on the planet earth. I adore her more than anything else.

‘I have calmed myself now.’ She has brought the air of calmness in me. I see things differently now’. 

‘I have always been reckless. But now, I won’t be like that. I’ll have to take responsibility for her sake’.

‘I am living the life of my dreams now. It cannot get any better.’

But these were all empty promises. Aaron continued to be irresponsible. He continued to get himself involved with the woman, and at instances, Aaron went too far with the violence. Women continued to be the part of his life and he even acquired a separate apartment to keep up with the extra-marital affairs.

6.Hernandez MADE the Mistake of his life

The situation got out of hand when Hernandez got accused of Odin Lloyd murder. When Shayanna was asked in court about her acquaintance with the murder, she said ‘I asked him if he murdered Lloyd and his answer was in negative. That’s it.

The answer of Shayanna left her sister Shaneah fuming as she felt that Shayanna was trying to save the Hernandez.

Court also asked if she ever tried to stop him from bad deeds that he was committing too often. She said ‘Well I tried at instances, but when I failed numerously, I decided to not lecture him about anything. I realized that I can only have a partial influence. He is a grown-up man and cannot be made to learn about things.

Later on, in the same case, Hernandez was found guilty and sentences life imprisonment for the murder of Odin Lloyd, the boyfriend of Shayanna’s sister.

Odin Lloyd was a professional football player. Whenever Shayanna used to visit her sister or go out with her on the party, the two guys used to give each other company and visit several clubs. It was in the club where Odin Lloyd made the fatal mistake and ended up making Hernandez furious. In the heat of the moment, Hernandez assassinated him.

7.In the aftermath of Odin Lloyd Death

Within the hours of Odin Lloyd death, the police started to question Hernandez. Shayanna drove to the police station after the murder. On the way back from the police station, she was called by the Hernandez and asked to dispose a box from the basement of the house. Shayanna didn’t question him either.  He took the box and threw it somewhere she didn’t remember. Prosecutors wanted her to give testimony that there was a weapon in the box but she didn’t confess anything.

Despite the difficulties and the mounting evidence, Shayanna continued to support Hernandez. There was pressure on her from her family but she devised a legal team to defend Hernandez’s family. When he was alleged for a second murder, even at that time, she continued to support him. He also adopted his name after the death of Hernandez. There is also news that she is going to remain single for the rest of her life as she has decided that no other man can now bring happiness in her life now.

It is yet to be seen what she thinks about the suicide of the Hernandez.  She has not commented about the reasons that brought him to the level where he had to take his life.

Whatever next happens in Shayanna life, she would want to forget the past.